Is Hair Transplant An Effective Way To Solve Hair Thinning Issue?

by Andrew Martin Health Consultant
Hair loss is a tragic incident in one’s life which might not physically affect the patient but has a strong mental impact to cause depression or anxiety issues. Every hair that falls is really painful as it affects the personality and look of an individual. These days even the professional career demands a youthful look and a hair loss sufferer might have to face a lag in their career despite being adequately educated for the respective job.

Hair loss could be temporary or permanent out of which temporary could be treated on its own but the permanent hair loss needs medical interventions. Let’s see what all treatment options you have in hand while chasing for a hair loss solution and out of them which one solves it with maximum benefits.
Hair Transplant in Jaipur
Hair thinning 
Hair thinning is a global sensitive issue which has increased prevalence in the present times due to the multiple contributors to the absolute factors causing hair loss. The genetic dysfunction has been known as the most common cause for hair thinning which is followed by the systemic diseases, hormonal imbalance, trauma and radiotherapy or chemotherapy repeated sessions. 

The hair thinning due to genetic dysfunction is because of the over sensitive hair follicles against the androgenic hormones. Under the influence of androgenic hormones the hair follicles undergo thinning or miniaturization which leads to hair loss. The hair loss initiates either as receding hairline or as a small bald patch at the vertex. These bald areas extend to include co leasing both the areas and forma larger bald area. The progressive hair loss leave a band of hairs at the back and sides of the neck as the hair follicles in these areas are not sensitive to androgenic hormones. 

Treatment modalities for hair thinning 
The hair loss issue can be treated by multiple modalities but mostly people initiate to treat the hair loss by their self prescribed treatments like using oils, cosmetic shampoos or lotions. But unfortunately permanent hair loss cannot be corrected using any of these. 

Most of the people try to hide their baldness using the temporary measures like wigs, suction wigs, prosthetic hairs etc which are widely available in the market. But this treatment modality is purely a temporary solution and people get exhausted in sometime after using them for a while. Including, the high maintenance and unnatural look make them an unsuitable method for treating hair loss as a long term option. 

Medications are also available in the medical stores which are prescribed by the doctors. These medications include minoxidil and finasteride which helps in slowing the hair loss or increase the hair growth rate. These medications are known to have unpredictable results as the affects of the medications could revert back once the medications are stopped. These medications especially finasteride to have certain irreversible side effects which are permanent thus you can look forward to use these options as a long term solution. 

Hair transplant is a surgical procedure which has been considered the ultimate option to treat the baldness. The procedure includes the transplantation of the hair follicular grafts harvested from the donor areas of your body. The donor areas are chosen based on the fact that the area should possess permanent hair roots. The hair grafts are primarily harvested from the back and sides of the head and alternatively from the other body parts apart from the scalp. 

Hair transplant: is it the effective way to solve hair thinning issue? 
Hair transplant has been considered as the most effective solution to hair loss as the procedure has many advantages over the other treatment options which are explained as follows: 

1. You can achieve the permanent results after the hair transplant procedure which will stay for life time as only the permanent hair roots are handpicked for transplantation.
2. Hair transplant can provide you perfectly natural looking results when performed by the surgeon with artistic sensibility and excellent skills.
3. The procedure is hassle free and do not need any extensive maintenance after the physical recovery of approximately a week. 
4. The procedure is absolutely painless and do not cause any morbid situation to patient after the procedure. 

So what are you waiting for, choose the best solution for your hair loss problem at Medispa hair transplant clinic in Jaipur and Delhi. We offer the best hair transplant in Jaipur with the incredible results and consistent high success rate. The hair transplant cost in Jaipur varies as per the clinic but we assure you to have the most genuine and affordable cost at Medispa hair transplant clinic in Jaipur and Delhi.

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