Why Can’t You Interchange Indoor Upholstery with Outdoor in Sydney

by Caroline Wall Upholstery foams & fabrics supplires in Sydney
While most people think there is no difference between indoor and outdoor upholstery, in reality, it is not so. Both are not simply interchangeable with one another.

Outdoor living is an essential part of the Australian way of life. Outdoor living space or furniture allows you to take in some fresh air and enjoy the wonderful weather that Sydney, Australia has to offer.

But what distinguishes outdoor upholstery and cushions from interior ones? The materials used to construct and restore outdoor upholstery are vastly different since outside pieces must be resistant to harsh natural elements, including sunshine, rain, mould, and mildew. Thus let’s take a deep look at how the upholstery is built differently for indoor and outdoor usage in Sydney.

One of the biggest differences between upholstery indoors and outdoor is the build quality of the two. While indoor upholsteries are mostly made up of natural fibres. The natural fibres can not withstand the harsh climate of Sydney, and thus breaks down easily if replaced with outdoor upholstery. While, when it comes to durability, outdoor upholstery material is vastly different. This fabric is composed of a wide range of synthetic fibres, including polyester, acrylic, and cotton blends, which are combined with chemicals to allow the fabric to be formed and resist weather conditions. This produced fabric is designed to withstand anything nature throws at it, making it ideal for anything and everything outside.

Nobody wants to stain their upholstery on purpose. But spillage and accidents may occur anytime. While the indoor fabric is not protected against stains, the material for outdoor upholstery is protected with the help of a chemical wash. The chemical wash repels water and drinks to seep into the fabric and stain it. Thus, can be left outside without being scared of stains and water damage. Thereby, the materials to build indoor and outdoor upholstery must be different to cater to different environmental conditions.

Mould & Mildew:
This may happen to both outdoor and interior fabrics, although it happens more frequently to indoor fabrics when they are exposed to a variety of weather conditions and situations. Mould and mildew can be present in extreme cases if the outdoor fabric is subjected to harsh weather conditions or situations that encourage mould and mildew growth and development.

Indoor fabrics, on the other hand, are susceptible to mould and mildew growth. While mould and mildew require a moist and warm climate to grow, one will think in outdoor conditions mould will grow more. But as the outdoor upholsteries are protected with water-repellant material, the water doesn’t seep in. Even in Sydney’s changing climate, the mould doesn’t grow on outdoor upholstery. While the indoor upholsteries are not protected by such chemical coating and thus not immune against mould and mildew.

UV protection:
As most outdoor upholstery is kept outside under the sun and we know how harsh the summer sun in Sydney can be, thus, the outdoor upholstery is coated with UV protectant. This prevents the fabric from withering away. As well, helps to maintain the structural integrity of the foam mattress within the upholstery. Such kind of protected materials is not used for indoor fabric.

Thus, the composition of indoor upholstery differs from outdoor upholstery. Thereby, you can’t simply suffice an outdoor upholstery with an indoor upholstery, especially in the weather of Sydney. The structural composition of the two is widely different.

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