Invention Of Foam & Its Benefits

by Caroline Wall Upholstery foams & fabrics supplires in Sydney
A furniture which is upholstered must be filled with soft and safe fillers. Traditional people used to depend on feathers, wool or cotton. But are these fillers still used in the modern world?

The advent of plastics changed the lives of people. In today’s world, polyurethane foams, natural and synthetic latex rubbers are common for upholstery. Among these two, foams are the most popularly used product because of their low cost and firmness. The second feature is really beneficial to arthritis patients.

Polyurethane foams are formed from polyols and diisocyanates.
Polyol is a substance which is created through methyloxirane chemical reaction. This substance is also called propylene oxide.

On the contrary, diisocyanate is the common substance used in the formation of polyurethane products. This substance is responsible for the flexibility of the foam.
A foam is measured by two values:

  • The density of a polyurethane foam is measured on the basis of weight contained in per cubic foot. A foam that is marked with 1.8, means it contains 1.8 pounds of foam in every cubic foot. This means the higher the number a foam shows, the denser it is.

  • The firmness of the foam is measured through IFD, which means Indentation Force Deflection. The IFD shows the firmness of a foam. It is measured by the amount of weight a foam takes to get compressed to one third of its thickness. The higher the IFD, the firmer the foam is.

  • Cushion and sofa fillings

  • There are many factors included when it comes to upholstery in Sydney. People keep focusing on the shapes, colours and fabrics, but pay the least attention to the fillings of a cushion or a sofa. This can be a major problem. After all, it is the fillings that take your weight and are responsible for your health. Long term comfort is as important as the looks.

Foam is the best material that provides the firmest support among all types of fillings. It proves to be the best who are looking for a supportive backrest. A foam changes its shape according to the anatomy of the user. It also requires very less maintenance. Cushions and sofas filled with foam vary in density and firmness.

The elegance of foam furnitures
Customised home decorating items are gaining much popularity nowadays. Custom made foam furniture are used to enhance the appearance of a room. They are a kind of furniture which are stylishly crafted to meet an individual’s need. Foam mattresses are a great product for kids as they prevent tumbling.

With all these benefits, it is clear that foam is the best material whether it comes to fillings or customised furniture. Contact with a professional foam manufacturer in Sydney to enjoy the benefits.

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