WHM Reseller Hosting: Smart and Popular Hosting Services

by Will Smith Web Hosting

The most well-known tools of the trade are usually popular for a reason: it's because they address the needs of professionals across a broad spectrum. This is why when you hear someone recommend a particular software, you know this software is worth trying out. For resellers, the buzz around town is "WHM reseller hosting." And for a good reason!

WHM reseller hosting offers a more simplified way of managing different hosting accounts. WHM, or Web Hosting Manager, is a tool that usually comes bundled in with cPanel, a popular hosting web panel. cPanel is a proprietary program developed and distributed by, which also designed and continually develops WHM.

If you were a webmaster before you gained an interest in breaking into the reseller business, you may have heard of cPanel before WHM. The popularity of the cPanel web panel simply cannot be denied: many web hosts choose to make cPanel available to all their resellers and end users because of the software's many virtues. Ease of use is perhaps the biggest reason why this particular web panel software is so popular, but security and user-friendliness are others.

And because WHM comes bundled up with the cPanel program, WHM also becomes a popular choice by association. Just as cPanel is easy to use for resellers and end users alike, when they have to change the settings of the web space that has been assigned to them, WHM proves to be easy to use in managing user accounts. WHM is only available to resellers; if you have purchased web space that comes with a WHM functionality, chances are you have purchased a reseller hosting account.

Other web panels come with their own versions of user management software. WHM is unique to cPanel. You can expect the same security and ease of use from WHM as you can from cPanel, which is to say a lot of it! Security cannot be underplayed when you're selling web space. If you wish for people to appreciate the features you have installed into your reseller accounts, one of the things you have to emphasize in your marketing pitches is security.

Choosing a WHM reseller hosting account would make it much easier for you as the vendor to market your web space primarily on the "ease of use" platform. If you should happen to be a reseller who wants to market for other resellers - and this could happen, because the need for smaller and cheaper web space just doesn't end! - make sure that you are also able to furnish your sub-resellers with WHM functionalities. provides you with info on Affordable shared hosting, reseller hosting, WHM reseller hosting and much more, come take a look at

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