Which business to open today? 7 businesses that know no crisis

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The historical period we are experiencing, with COVID-19 that has disrupted the whole world, has shown us that today it is more important than ever to have a stable business. And with so many people and companies who find themselves out of work, understanding which business to open today, which business to open in times of crisis, is fundamental.


Another lesson from this period is that the digital world can literally save our skin in more than one situation. Just think of all the companies that have turned towards smart working, to survive this period of crisis , and all the companies, that have decided to permanently switch to remote working.


But how to understand which business to open today? The possibilities are endless, and online searches on what business to open in 2020 can be contradictory and confusing.


That's why we decided to create a list of 7 business ideas that we believe are “crisis proof”.


In this article we will answer the fateful question “Which business is worth opening today?”, And we will present you 7 businesses to open that you can consider to change your working life.


What are you waiting for then? Read on and find out which business to open today to ensure a stable and secure income!


1. Selling marketing services


Are you wondering which business to open and are you a marketing expert? Here is the answer to your question: sell online marketing services!


Marketing is in fact one of the activities that know no crisis. There are so many marketing services you can sell online, and the choice of which type of service to sell depends primarily on your skills.


You are an SEO optimization expert, find clients who need this service and offer them your skills. Are you a funnel marketing wizard? You'd be surprised how many companies are unfamiliar with this marketing strategy, and how many customers you might find who would benefit from this service.


And if you are a social media marketing expert, the possibilities are even more: YouTube Marketing, Facebook Ads, Google Ads.


So let's see examples of online marketing services that you can sell if you're wondering which business to open today:


  1. Branding-oriented services for companies
  2. Email marketing
  3. YouTube Marketing
  4. Consulting or management of Facebook Ads
  5. Google Ads consultancy or management
  6. Social media presence development
  7. SEO optimization
  8. Display Ads
  9. Social media consulting
  10. Affiliate Marketing

And these are just a few ideas! In the technological age we are experiencing, traditional marketing campaigns are often outdated or not enough. Digitization has revolutionized the world of marketing globally, and more and more companies are turning to digital marketing services to achieve their goals in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.


As you see, if you're planning to start a business and marketing is your second language, selling marketing services is a great opportunity!


2. Open an online shop


Which business to open today? As we said, the physical world is evolving and is increasingly oriented towards the digital world, and this also applies to commerce.


Especially in a period like the one we are experiencing, understanding what activities to open in this moment of crisis is fundamental. You may have thought about opening a shop, but neither the crisis nor the huge initial investments that this type of business entails encourages you to do so?


Why not open an online shop? Opening an online store can eliminate many of the difficulties and obstacles you would encounter with a physical store, allowing you not only to work from home - particularly useful during a quarantine, for example - but also to be able to manage your business independently and in full flexibility.


If you want even more flexibility and a minimal initial investment, consider running an online store with the drop shipping method.


Dropshipping allows you to import products from suppliers into your online store, which will ship them directly to your end customers.


Here is an image that explains in a simple and intuitive way how dropshipping works:


3. Sell online courses


In a time when so many people are stuck in their homes and social interaction is still low, online courses are a great way to spend your time learning something useful and interesting.


Creating and selling online courses is now a fairly simple process, thanks to all the platforms and tools that accompany you along this path.


So, if you are wondering which business to open today and are undecided on which business to open, but you are well versed in a particular topic, you may find the solution to your dilemmas in selling online courses.


The first thing you need to do to be able to sell courses online is to choose a topic for your course. What will you talk about? Think about the topics you are familiar with: it could be a skill that has to do with your current job, or a hobby that you have extensive knowledge of.


Once you've identified the topic, do some market research  to see if there is actual demand for that type of course.


Finally, you will have to choose the means by which to create your course: will you prepare texts, an ebook, or videos? Think about which format is best suited to the type of content you will be offering to those who buy your course.


Once you have created your course, you will only have to choose on which platform or platforms to sell your lessons. You can create your own website or use an online course service like Udemy.


Finally, you will need to advertise and promote your course on the most suitable channels to reach your target audience.


4. Work as an Influencer


Which business to open today? It is not necessary to open a real business to earn even during times of crisis. Influencers, in fact, fall into the categories that have not been attacked so harshly by the quarantine situation we have just experienced.


Earning with Instagram or other social networks is an extremely profitable business, and if you were to be able to become an influencer within a niche, the potential is endless.


Influencers are social network users who have a good following, and who thanks to the trust and relationship they establish with their followers, are also able to convince them to buy a certain product or service.


In fact, one of the best ways to make money with Instagram working as an influencer is to take advantage of sponsored posts.


Once you've established yourself within a niche, look for brands to partner with. Brands always ask for sponsored posts from influencers to promote and sponsor their products, in exchange for money and / or free products.


Of course, to work as an Influencer you don't just have to post beautiful photos (although that's one of the requirements!). You'll need to learn how influencer marketing works, which platforms are best suited to your target audience and niche , and always stay on top of the latest trends.


But if you can do all this, working as an influencer can be the right answer to the question "Which business to open today?".


5. Offer design services


You are a graphics tablet wizard, Photoshop is your best friend and you are wondering which business to open today and how can you start a business? Look no further - offer design services.


Why work for one company as a designer, when you can offer your designs and skills to multiple users, while having the flexibility to work from home?


Platforms like Fiverr make it particularly easy to work as a freelance designer, allowing you to sell your services directly to buyers who are looking for them.


You can offer different types of designs:


  1. Logo design
  2. Flyer design
  3. Illustrations and comics
  4. Business cards
  5. Video game design
  6. infographics
  7. 3D models
  8. Catalog design
  9. Menu design


… And many more!


You can also think about selling your design services on contest platforms. In that case, the company that needs a particular design project will post an ad on the portal with its needs, budget and other details, and interested designers will submit their drafts in the hope of being chosen.


6. Create websites


Are you trying to figure out which business to open today and how to start a business and are you a web design and website creation wizard? So why not create websites for people and companies that need them?


If the idea of ​​creating websites, thinking about where to place buttons and pop-ups, creating multilingual sites and writing lines of code gets you excited, working as a website builder may be the remote job for you. .

Read also: website design and Development Company


If you know how to program, you can directly create sites for your customers, or take advantage of platforms that simplify your work (not reducing the quality, rather increasing it.


First of all, create your own website, to introduce yourself to your future and potential customers, and think about adding a portfolio to your site to show what you can do.


Furthermore, you can also offer your services on a marketplace like Fiverr.


7. Work as a Virtual Assistant


What business to open today and which business should you open in a period of crisis?


The answer to this question might be simpler than expected, if you are particularly attentive to detail and extremely efficient at organizing commitments and activities: working as a Virtual Assistant.


The Virtual Assistant is a professional who collaborates with individuals or various companies and helps them in the management of everything related to personal and business organization: phone calls, appointments, sending documents, payment reminders ... everything related to the life of a person and all those activities that are often forgotten and for which having help is essential.


In the end, the Virtual Assistant is nothing more than the secretary of the age of digital nomads . They are people who work remotely and assist professionals, entrepreneurs, individuals, companies and in some cases even families.


The main requirements for working as a Virtual Assistant are:



excellent organizational skills;

good attitude towards relations with the public;

Knowledge of basic technological tools.


If you think you meet these requirements, and the idea of ​​working as virtual assistant interests you, you have found your answer to: which business to open today.


Which business to open today: conclusion?


Which business should you open today? The 7 best crisis-proof businesses to open in 2020 are:


  1. Selling marketing services
  2. Open an online store
  3. Selling courses online
  4. Working as an influencer
  5. Offer design services
  6. Create websites
  7. Work as a Virtual Assistant


Which business to open in times of crisis?


The coronavirus that has upset the lives of many people, the desire to change and try something new or the desire to live as a digital nomad: the reasons that can push you to try to understand which business to open today can be different.


Whatever the reason, and whatever business you decide to open, what you need to arm yourself with is determination, analytical skills and above all a successful business to open.


We hope that in this article you have managed to find the right inspiration to decide which business to open in this time of crisis.


Have you tried opening one of these businesses, or do you have suggestions for other businesses to open today? Tell us your experience in the comments below!

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