When to Replace Car Tyres: Cautionary Signs to Look Out For

by Michael Davies Auto Garage for car Services

 Let’s assume that you’re a car owner in Birmingham, and recently, your car seems to be using more fuel and screeching unnecessarily. Who knows, you may just be driving your vehicle without checking your tyre tread.

The result is either the traffic police might impose a fine on you, or you may end up stuck at a side of the road due to uneven treads & bad roads. Hence, if that’s the case, it looks like your car tyres in Birmingham need some inspection to prevent such unforeseen events from hampering your daily life.

To make things simpler, check out for these signs to make sure when to switch your car tyres –

  • Signs of Weathering

If you’ve been driving with your old car tyres for a while, the constant exposure to heat, snow & water can result in your tyre rubber weathering severely. Possible signs of weathering include –

  • Cracks in the sidewall

  • Breaks in between treads

  • Tyres with blisters and cuts

  • Small leaks on the tyre body

In such a situation, visit any service garage for an inspection and a puncture repair Birmingham and get your tyre repaired immediately to prevent roadside accidents.

  • Improper tread depth

Improper tread depth is a big no when it comes to driving in the UK. As mentioned above, an incorrect tread depth might lead to an accident. So it’s vital to measure the correct tread depth.

However, tread depth is measured by a gauge, something you might not have in the first place. Here’s a simple DIY you can use –

The coin trick

Place a 20p coin inside the tyre tread in its central 3/4th section. Now, check to see if the tip of the coin is visible. If it is, then you have less than adequate tread depth.

This means it’s time to get them replaced with a fresh set of tyres for boosting road safety.

  • Weird noises

While some amount of noise & vibration is normal while driving a car; anything out of the ordinary will naturally call to your attention, right?

A squeaking noise you may encounter could be a result of uneven tears or cracks on the tyre sidewall. If you’re using car tyres for a while especially in hot weather conditions, then the chances of sidewall cracks increase further.

The reason behind it is the consistent exposure of UV light. The chemical compounds of a tyre tend to break down, resulting in uneven cracks.

If not taken into consideration this will increase the chances of blowouts which can affect the car and its owner unfavourably.

  • Lifespan is over

Everything has an expiry date, so does car tyres. A high-quality tyre will provide optimal support for five years. So, if you’ve been using your car tyres for more than half a decade, it’s advisable to get those tyres changed.

It’s best to go to a trusted car garage if you are looking for a tyre change. For example, you can visit Flaxley Tyres if you live in Birmingham, and pick up a set of new car tyres.

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