Top 3 Reasons Why Your Tyres may be Wearing Unevenly

by Michael Davies Auto Garage for car Services

The tread pattern on a tyre is not just there for decoration purposes. Sure, a sleek tread pattern increases the visual appeal of a car, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. If you look closely, you’ll notice that the patterns of different tyres are dissimilar. Every unique tread pattern performs different tasks- some might be good at dissipating heat while others might be adept at preventing hydroplaning.

No matter what their purpose might be, it is necessary to maintain a healthy tread depth for the optimal performance of your car tyres. Excessive tread wear, especially if it is uneven, is a cause for concern.

Given below are some of the issues that accelerate uneven tread wear.

Inflation pressure

Incorrect inflation pressure is one of the leading causes of uneven tread wear. Both under and over-inflation may lead to uneven wear. When your tyres are under-inflated, its contact patch increases, especially at the edges. These portions of the tyre wear out more than the central part when tyres are underinflated.

The reverse is true for over-inflation, which causes more tyre wear along the central portion of a tyre. It’s paramount that you avoid both of these for ensuring the longevity of your tyres as well as maintaining safe driving conditions.

Wheel alignment

Wheel alignment refers to the angle of your car’s wheels in respect to the road as well as each other. There are many reasons why wheels may get out of alignment; poor road conditions, reckless driving, sharp impacts may all potentially cause wheels to fall out of alignment.

Misaligned wheels, apart from posing steering issues, also cause the tyre to wear unevenly. Toe-wear and camber-wear are common in most vehicles. Most of the times, one particular side of the tyre will be more worn out than the other if your wheels are misaligned.

Experts recommend getting a car’s wheel alignment inspected every 6 months. It’s a professional service that you can avail at Tyreman. Apart from examining and fixing wheel alignment in Merthyr Tydfil, they also sell tyres from reputed international brands such as Continental, Michelin and Pirelli.

Tyre balance

Tyre balance refers to the distribution of weight across the body of a tyre. Ideally, the weight distribution should be even throughout. However, the balance may get skewed for a plethora of reasons. There will be alternating heavy and light spots on the tyre when it is out of balance.

You will notice feather wear or patchy tread wear when tyres are out of balance. It will cause vibrations of your vehicle, especially when you’re driving at higher speeds. It also increases the chances of punctures.

As your periodic maintenance schedule, you should get your tyre balance checked every 6 months. Like wheel alignment, wheel balancing in Merthyr Tydfil or anywhere else in the UK requires professional expertise. The ideal solution is inspecting your tyre balance and wheel alignment at the same time.

Treadwear is one of the most crucial determiners of the condition of a tyre. Keep an eye on it and take remedial measures as soon as you detect rapid or uneven tread wear. Your tyres will thank you for it!

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