When Should you Replace Your Car Tyres?

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We buy several things daily and it is important to know how much can we use those things. There are non-durable things that we can use only once or twice and then there are highly specialized objects that are technologically advanced like our smartphones which do not have an expiration date but we should know when to retread them. It is because they get obsolete with time and it impacts their performance. If we talk about the components of the car, Continental Tyres Cirencester are the most overlooked item. It is because they have a longer life than other car parts, we think that it is okay to use them until they get destroyed. Let's discuss when we should replace the tyres.


The part that is responsible for hitting the ground is known as the tread and it is our responsibility to check its depth once a while. The main reason behind this is the depth of the tread determines the amount of traction a tyre is going to provide on the road. tyres with deeper tread blocks provide more grip than other tyres one should, however, understand that tread depth should not fall beyond 1.6mm or the tyres are considered useless. In many countries like the UK, there is a law that states that tread-depth should not fall below 1.6 mm.

To check the depth of the tread, you can take your vehicle to the nearest garage or can check yourself via the coin method. In this method, all you have to do is to insert a coin in the deepest part of the tread and check if it is fully inserted. This may help you to know the depth of the tread.


Age is an important factor that determines the performance and the quality of the tyre. When humans age, they lose their strength and power. Similarly, the age of the tyre impacts its abilities to run and provide handling. Ideally, one should use a tyre for 4-5 years and not beyond that as it is not recommended. If you use the tyres for many more tyres, the baldness of the tread will result in the breakdown of the vehicle, or worst, an accident.

To know the image of the tyre, one can either look at the vehicle's manual or can read the sidewall of the tyre. The sidewall of the tyre contains vital information like age, brand, size, etc. It is important to note that a tyre is designed to run for 4-5 years and it doesn't matter if you use your car regularly or sometimes. It is because even a tyre that is stored in the garage for a long time faces wear and reduction in quality. Therefore, one must take care of the age factor.


A car encounters several unwanted events like accidents, failure of brakes, oil leakage, and many other things on its journey. These things impact the health of the car and tyres. One should know that the amount of damages to a car is inversely related to the longevity of the tyre.

Benefits of buying new tyres

New tyres come up with fresh tread and sidewalls and they provide the best level of handling. New tyres promise a longer running life and fuel and other maintenance costs. Also, they have a positive effect on the performance of the engine, suspension, and other vital components of the car. Therefore, it is important to understand that when your tyres make noise or they become old, it's time for a new set of Tyres Cirencester. By investing in new tyres, one can save a high amount of money as it is a better option in the long run.

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