When AI and Social media Marketing Collide

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ai and socail media

Both Artificial Intelligence and Social Media Marketing are receiving a lot of attention now because of their immense advantages and growth potential. They are helping both companies and common people in different ways. The venture has already been raising in artificial intelligence, and the investment is more supposed to grow by about 320%.

Talking about Social Media platforms, more than 2.6 billion people are now using various Social Media platforms as per the stats. This is almost a 1/3 population of the entire planet. A marketer has the potential to lead a large no. of possible customers from all over the globe with the help of different Social Media platforms. The artificial intelligence (AI) is already performing a key role in many business sectors, and now it’s colliding with Social Media Marketing.

What is arising due to the collision of Artificial Intelligence and Social Media Marketing?

The artificial intelligence has a long plan to go; despite, it’s growing at a very quick speed. The appearance of Artificial Intelligence has already changed the Social Media Marketing.

Here are some ways of how Artificial Intelligence is changing Social Media Marketing:


  • Slack bots:  There are some brands that need to issue large amounts of posts every day. These brands also employ lots of influencers by making some Social Media outreach to advertise their products. They find it hard to choose which posts to highlight and which posts are likely to work well amongst their readers. Because it’s a wearisome duty to examine large amounts of contents, it’s more about guesswork.

The slack bots have been developed to evade the guesswork. The bots have the ability to foretell the possibilities of profit of different contents and they can recommend the pieces of contents which have the greatest possibility of performing well. Moreover, these bots can also find similar content on Social Media and show you the performance of the content.

  • Face recognition: Facebook, which is the most famous Social Media platform in the world today, is concentrating a lot on the growth of Artificial Intelligence these days. They have freshly developed the face recognition feature, and this feature is not only the tool to enhance the tagging function of Facebook. But this feature can be used in different ways by the brands for growing their Social media Marketing Strategies to further enhance the influence and achievement of their Social Media Marketing campaign. For example, the resorts, eateries, clothing stores, and others can give coupons to their members who post their picture in their place. With the publishing of the images getting more famous these days, this feature can help the brands to reach out with their posts. 


  • Management: There are many creative Social Media Marketers who are excellent at creating wonderful contents. Though, it’s not an easy task for the marketers to deliver the content, building programs, preparing content, and examining content. This is the one another motive why Artificial Intelligence is so essential for Social Media marketers. Artificial Intelligence can deliver all the stress of examining and managing the content for the marketers.

Not only the use of AI will take off the stress from the marketers, but it will also help them to become a successful marketer. The machine learning and other AI tools can examine an opponent’s performance, your actual content and performance, and much  more to help you, master. These tools also grant you with the sense of what customers want to see or want, which will help to make your every campaign an effective campaign. This can also help to issue better-sponsored blog posts to reach more people with the content people want to see.

  • Customer service: According to the survey, the majority of the consumers want to associate with the businesses via message nowadays. It’s because it’s very simple to interact with the brands via a message relating to the telephone. Moreover, consumers also need businesses to respond to them as soon as possible. It’s not possible to reply to a lot of consumer’s inquiries immediately, and this is where Artificial Intelligence is playing the role.

Social Media marketers have the duty to engage with the consumers after they are successful in taking lots of inquiries about their posts. Artificial Intelligence can help them to prioritize the inquiries of the consumers, assist them to find out whether the messages are from trolls or real users, and many more. All these tools can help Social Media marketers to attend their consumers in a more reliable way; thus, enhancing the chance of a conversion.

  • A high quantity of more reliable data: Social Media marketers require to listen to their followers to prepare their next posts and also to make overall tactics. The only way to find out what the consumers want, the marketer needs to gather, understand, and interpret the data. Still, the difficulty is that the huge amount of data is uploaded and downloaded each day, making it difficult for human beings to correctly understand the information.

The different AI tools help them to gather relevant insights from the data collected through multiple Social Media platforms to get unimaginable insights on the consumer taste and choices. In the near future, the brands may also be able to find out who amongst their followers are wearing their brand’s T-shirt and applying their products with the interpretation of pictures and videos. It will support marketers to create more personalized marketing campaigns.


By now, you need to be known how Artificial Intelligence is transforming the whole picture of Social Media Marketing. You must have also understood that the traditional Social Media Marketing tactics need to be renewed in order to get the success of your Social Media Marketing campaign. If you don’t merge the Artificial Intelligence in your Social Media Marketing Strategy, then y’all expected to lose to get any return from your campaign because the competitor will be using AI to gain competitive benefits.

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