What’s the best option for the defective air conditioner? Should I repair or replace?

by Lavanya Aircon Aircon Servicing Singapore

Repair or Replace the air conditioner – no doubt, it is a quite tricky decision! As aircon installation company in Singapore reveals that there are several factors that you ought to look while replacing or repairing your AC. According to aircon servicing Singapore, it is understood that if you want to increase the efficiency of your AC, then you must stick on regular aircon servicing. But, apart from aircon servicing, in this post, we are going to help you to make the best decision to repair or replace your AC.

Let’s take a look

When There Is A Need To Replace Your Air Conditioner:

If the AC Is Over Age:

According to the company of aircon installation Singapore, the average AC live around about 1- to 15 years! So, if your air conditioner is past its prime, then it might be better to replace it. The experts of aircon servicing Singapore company says that an AC will start to break down more often at around 15 years of age.

So, you must replace your AC if it is over age as it helps to save your aircon repair costs. You can refer to our guide on useful aircon repair tips for every household.

If The Aircon Repair Cost is Too High:

No doubt, you must invest around $2,000 to $5,000 to replace or get a new air conditioner, the amount depends on your location, and the brand or unit was chosen! Stick with the simple rule – you just have to multiply the cost of your Aircon repair by the age of your old unit, if the figure is greater than the cost of the brand new AC that you look, then you have to replace your AC.

If Energy Bills Keep Rising:

Regular aircon servicing is something that can increase the efficiency of the AC unit and stable your energy bills. But, if you don’t do so, then overtime an AC becomes less efficient and rising your energy bills. Please refer to importance of regular aircon servicing here.

If you confuse while deciding to repair or replace your air conditioner, you have to take energy bills into account. If bills keep rising, but your Electrical Billing Company has not raised the prices, then it’s time to replace your AC! You refer to our guide on different aircon brands available in Singapore.

When There Is A Need To Repair Your Air Conditioner:

If AC Is Less Than 10-Years Old:

When it comes to repair or replace your air conditioner, the first thing that you have to look is the age of your AC. If the Age of your air conditioning system is less than 10 years old, then you have to immediately call the technician from the company of aircon installation Singapore.

If An AC Is blowing hot air:

Quit worrying! It happens because of a broken compressor or a refrigerant leak. So, before continuing to use your AC unit, you can hire an expert from the MCL aircon servicing to fix this problem!

If There Is unusual odours or weird noises:

Keep in mind, a change in sounds of your AC indicates that the fan of the unit isn’t working properly. Sometimes, it’s all because a fan has become loose, or the inside mechanics are clogged with dirt or dust. And, when you notice strange odors, then it means mold in the ductwork – so ASAP, you ought to make a call to expert for aircon repair!

Short Cycling:

If your air conditioning system/unit is randomly turning itself off or makes struggles to get started, then it might have a defect. But, if the problem is not addressed, then it might be led to much more serious problems.

Final Words:

Thankfully, you from the above stuff you come to know when to repair or replace your air conditioner! But, before repairing or replacing your AC, you should have to consult with your service provider. If you are in Singapore, then you can hire experts from the MCL Aircon, reliable aircon servicing Singapore company. Yes, the company provides legitimate packages on aircon service/ installation/ repairing/ replacing and much more! Please read here on our top 5 reliable and best aircon service providers list in Singapore.

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