Know the Signs of a Defective Air Conditioner for Timely Repairs

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The air-conditioner in your car, not just cools the air, it also functions as a dehumidifier. Removing this moisture efficiently is essential for in-cabin comfort.

Since a car's AC performs such essential functions, it's vital to understand, when to avail a repair work for your car’s Air Conditioning Newport. All automobile ACs comprise of these common elements, viz. - a compressor, a condenser, an expansion valve or orifice tube, a receiver, drier, or accumulator unit, and an evaporator. Defects in any of these units will cause your AC to malfunction.

Signs that Your Car’s Air-Conditioner Needs Repair

1. Water Dripping From the Dashboard

You’ll be able to identify a leaking dashboard when you notice a water stain on your car's floor mat. A noticeable water stain on your floor mat indicates that your AC's drainage hose is clogged, preventing the water from flowing out. Water that accumulates in the system can cause further damage. Hence, you must fix the issue with urgency.

2. Weak Airflow

A feeble airflow from your car’s AC vents indicates that there’s some obstruction in the airflow path. Accumulation of mould and mildew inside the evaporator core fins can be a reason for this blockage. A loose blower hose or a malfunctioning ventilation fan can also be the reason for weak airflow.

3. Unusual Noise

Any abnormal rattling noise when turning on your car’s AC may be because of a broken fan belt. Never ignore these signs as they can be a signal of more severe defects.

4. Compressor Clutch Doesn't Engage

A compressor clutch works as a regulator for your car’s AC, by switching the compressor on and off according to the cabin temperature. A faulty compressor clutch that doesn’t actuate will either keep the compressor running or will prevent power flow to it.

5. Signs of Oil Leakage from Ac Components

Leakage of oil from the compressor or condenser unit may happen when there are defects in the rubber lining and washers inside them. An oil leak is quite visible and is indicative of defects in your AC’s components. A compressor won’t function as it should when it contains a lesser volume of oil.

Any of these above signs is an indication that your AC needs repair. Take your car to a reliable auto garage like Trade Price Tyres for an AC repair service. They also provide services such as exhaust repair and brake repair.

A total Vehicle Servicing in Newport can be a solution to most of your car’s performance issues, including its air-conditioner. Additionally, preventive measures are a great way to keep your AC running longer and better.

Tips to Make Your Ac Work Best

  • Avoid Precooling

A car’s AC works much better when driving. This is because the compressor runs faster when the engine runs.

  • Don't us Recirculate Mode

Re circulation takes air from the front of the cabin and keeps it in circulation. As a result, the air in the back becomes stale and hot.

  • Turn Off Auto Stop/Start Feature

Auto start and stop saves fuel by turning the compressor off when your engine isn’t operating. In stop-and-go city traffic, where you need to turn off the engine multiple times, this can put more stress on the compressor.

Preventive measures and tips will keep your car's AC functioning at its best, and ensure you enjoy a comfortable drive amidst the summer heat.

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