What is the icing on Aircon and why it formed?

by Lavanya Aircon Aircon Servicing Singapore

It’s hot outside and you are enjoying spending time with your family at your home. You are not worried because summer heat can’t disturb you but suddenly your Aircon stops working. When you check it, you find ice there. Sometimes even ice can fall from your aircon after you stop the aircon. Damn! How can this happen? Your first reaction would be like this. You are not alone. Almost everyone reacts the same when they see ice frozen on their home aircon.

A variety of reasons are responsible for frozen aircon, even in summers. When ice or frost builds up on your AC unit, the cooling process gets affected.

1.  What does Icing on Aircon Indicates

The icing issue with aircon should not be handled with negligence. Aircon icing indicates that there is a problem with your AC component. The faults can be with your Gas, filter, evaporator coils, fans, or motor, etc. All these components are made to work simultaneously with each other. When they fail to do so. Your aircon starts showing several problems. Frozen ice on aircon coils is one of them. When Ice melt it falls on the ground through AC window.

2.  Reasons for Icing on Aircons

Ice starts building up inside or outside the Aircon when the components are faulty. The major reasons and responsible components are described below:

  1. Evaporator coil: The aircon fan constantly blows air inside the AC unit and keeps the temperature of cooling coils above the freezing point. Evaporator coil temperature drops below the freezing point when it doesn’t get enough air from air blowers. In this case, evaporator coils begin the moisture to condense and convert into the frost on the coils.  
  2. Aircon filter: Aircon filter can cause frost build up in your aircon. When the filter became dirty and faulty they lack adequate airflow. Due to dirty filters, Insufficient air flows over the evaporator coils and cause them to become too cold. If this continues for the long term, your aircon result in little or no cool air being circulated into the room as well as ice on coils.
  3. Insufficient Feron level: If there is leakage in your aircon, the gas tank becomes empty slowly. Low Feron (gas) in the aircon results in frost formation in it. When the refrigerant(gas) in the system goes too low due to leakage over time, there will be a decrease in the temperature of the air conditioning system. The refrigerant liquid vapor in the evaporator and cause ice to build on the coil.
  4. Debris build-up: Debris build-up on evaporator coils can be another possible reason for ice formation. The airflow is slowed due to the buildup of dust and debris on the evaporator coil. Due to the lack of air conditioner coil cleaning, it reduces the efficiency.  When this happens the coil becomes so cold, that the condensate forming on its surface freezes completely and blocks the coil.
  5. Faulty thermostat: The role of the thermostat is that it decided how much time AC should run in order to cool the entire room. In short, it regulates the temperature within the air conditioner space. When thermostat becomes faulty, it does not signal Aircon to stop cooling. The Aircon runs continuously to cool the room. The ice can build up in aircon due to this faulty thermostat that making the aircon to run more and more.
  6. Damaged Fan: Another reason for aircon icing is that your evaporator unit may not be functioning due to defective air blowing fan. If the fan is not blowing air to the coil and room. The fan may be damaged. The fan motor may have burnt or some loose connections may have occurred.
  7. Low outdoor temperature: Sometimes when the outdoor temperature gets too low, it may show up its adverse effects on the air conditioner system in ice formation.



3. What to do when Ice Form in Aircon

  1. If you don’t often clean your aircon filters. Cleaning it can solve the frozen aircon problem. Clean the filter if it is dirty or clogged. The air filters are normally located behind the front grille which may be attached by plastic tabs (Depends on aircon model).
  2. Before cleaning the air filters, let the ice frozen on the outside and inside aircon coils to thaw. Don’t try to scrape the ice with any tool like a knife or anything sharp. It may damage the other parts of the aircon. Give sufficient time to ice to melt naturally.
  3. You can also turn the unit to Fan only mode by clicking the button on the remote. (if your aircon have this feature) and set the speed to high. The unit should defrost fairly quickly. Then, run the unit in Fan mode until the coils or vents are dry or nearly dry.
  4. Also, ensure that no furniture or drapes are blocking the return vents.
  5. Install the air filter again in the aircon after cleaning. Start your aircon to see if the problem solved. If not, contact an experienced aircon expert to check your AC.






4. What Not to Do when Ice Form in aircon

  1. Do not continue to use the aircon when you see it frozen. It may result in a more severe effect on another component of aircon. Using Aircon with ice formation can stop the airflow completely and burn the air blower fan’s motor.
  2. There are numerous reasons for ice formation in your aircon. The major reason is the leakage of refrigerant (gas). If this is the reason, then do not try to fill the gas on your own. Anyway if you do it, the leakage will be still there and vapor the gas very easily. So, always hire a professional to stop this leakage completely.


5. Conclusion

Aircons are very complex machinery in nature and frozen Aircon’s issue should not be taken lightly. In worst cases, you may need to replace the entire system if ice formation happens continuously. So it’s better to hire Aircon Servicing in Singapore to save your costs by repairing your frozen air conditioner immediately. MCL Aircon is a Singapore based Aircon Servicing company with qualified technicians. We can take care of your aircon servicing needs. Please book your aircon general service, chemical cleaning or Chemical over haul now.

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