What to Know before Outsourcing Back Office Processes?

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Every organization deals with huge volumes of information and this makes it very important to manage this data efficiently. To streamline and manage data and gain a competitive advantage, business organizations rely on back office outsourcing. It involves the delegation of a company’s back office functions, mainly administrative tasks, to a third party provider. Outsourcing back office tasks can reduce operating costs when jobs such as data entry services, data processing, data management, payroll processing etc are assigned to a reliable third-party vendor. Apart from reducing working costs, it also helps businesses to overcome documentation challenges by providing access to experienced and trained professionals in a wide range of back office functions.

Despite all these advantages, outsourcing back office functions can be risky if it lacks proper planning. So, outsourcing of these processes should have a structured approach from planning to management.  The following are the key considerations:

  • Planning

  1. Discuss outsourcing with your employees: To build and strengthen a company that is successful requires collaboration and cooperation from everyone. So, whenever you make a crucial decision, it is important to involve your team. Therefore discuss outsourcing with your employees, gather insights from each one of them, encourage them to express their views and opinions, and finally decide whether you need to take this step or not.
  2. Identify which tasks are to be outsourced: A company has many business activities,both core and non-core tasks.  So identify which jobs require specialized expertise and are not readily available in-house. Determine how outsourcing will affect your current work process. 
  3. Explore various options: Make a list of outsourcing companies that offer the services you are looking for and evaluate each company based on the quality of service, experience, range of service, track record, service cost, contract options, earlier projects, and testimonials. This helps to minimize the chances of risk and identify the best option for you. 
  4. Understand the benefits of outsourcing: Outsourcing to a third party is not an easy task; it can either make or break your business. So before outsourcing make sure that you are clear about the long-term gains of taking this step.

  • Execution

  1. Use a two-way transition plan: Developing a transition plan is important for the success of outsourcing. In this stage, you are going to hand over knowledge and work to another party. However, it needs to be collaborative work between you and the BPO Company you have chosen. This helps both parties to discuss specific needs, identify areas that need focus and improvement,and the potential risks involved.
  2. Effective governance is necessary: Ensure that your standards and procedures are followed accurately. This will help ensure that none of the work you have outsourced to a third party is compromised.  
  3. Produce a well-structured plan for managing the commercial, legal and financial risks of outsourcing: When you are outsourcing to a third party, you must be prepared for eventualities. This helps you minimize the risks that your business faces.  Identify the possible risks and create a plan that can defend you once any of it occurs. 
  4. Deal with a single company: If you are outsourcing multiple activities, it is best that you work with the same outsourcing company instead of hiring many vendors. A single outsourcing provider means you can oversee their performance more easily. Look for aback office functions provider that has expertise in all back office jobs that they offer.  

  • Supervision

  1. Communication lines should be open: Communication is important for any business to ensure that everything is going well as planned.  So,encourage your outsourcing partner to communicate if there is any problem. This will help you resolve problems quickly and easily.
  2. Monitor the performance of your service provider regularly: Monitor their performance and make sure they meet all your standards. Find out if there is any issue regarding their performance. Another important element is monitoring the contribution of your outsourcing partner for the growth of your business.    
  3. Maintain a good relationship with your BPO Company: Having a positive relationship with your partnering outsourcing company is important when it comes to business growth. Let them know about the achievements your business has earned by outsourcing. This will inspire them to provide better service. 

The advantages of back office outsourcing can be understood by taking the financial sector as an example.

Just like any other industry, the banking sector also greatly depends on outsourcing back office tasks. Banks deal with massive amounts of data on a daily basis and are seeking innovative solutions to cut costs and generate profits. Outsourcing has proven to be a great support for organizations in this sector to manage various activities such as data processing, data management, customer relationship management and so on.

The report Global Back Office Outsourcing in the Financial Service Market -- Size Status and Forecast 2030 covers the impact of various drivers and restraints in the market and highlights opportunities. The report segments the international back office outsourcing in the financial services market on the basis of product. The product type segment divides the market into basic, advanced and professional. The sectors are primarily comprised of applications in IT, IoT managed service and more. The study offers an impartial analysis of worldwide back office outsourcing in the financial market, taking a number of parameters such as production, capacity, and volume, product pricing, demand and supply, sales volume, revenue generated and the growth rate of the expanding market into consideration. An assessment of the competitive landscape of this market is also presented in the research study, which profiles key participants in this market to determine their future prospects and to identify the existing market hierarchy.  

Geographically, the key areas covered in this market study are North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa. 

The success of an organization in back office outsourcing depends not only on management skills but also on the practices of the business itself.  Choosing a reliable vendor is crucial for improving the workflow in the organization and staying competent.

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