What Should I Look For When Buying A Food Processor?

by Swati Singh Digital Marketing Analyst

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Indian summers and the best food processors. Get the connection? 

Remember those good old days from your early childhood when you used to come home from school and the balcony was full of sights to see?

Your mother would just be peeling off oranges while your grandmother would be grinding masalas and spices in that sturdy yet noisy grinding stone.

Fresh and healthy, everything home-made.

But with growing needs and a decrease in the number of free hours, everyone finds it a cool alternative to buying packed or processed food.

Wanna go back to the good old days?

Your heart says yes and so do we!

And we have a tricky solution for you too!

The top 5 food processor in India are here to take you through the time machine!.

Now grind, juice, knead or puree in a pure and traditional way but way QUICKER, FASTER and FINER.

Let’s quickly go through the pros of owning a food processor and then we will proceed on to the points one must definitely consider before buying one.

Time -  Chopped Down!

As per the reports from famous studies, it is known that a processor can cut down your cooking or prepping time to up to 40%!

You can be free of your kitchen tasks much sooner and spend quality time with your family and loved ones without much hustle.

How do you suppose great restaurants quickly serve up quirky dishes in time? Think think.

Heavy-Duty Tasks - Ground!

Everything from chopping a vegetable (especially onion - the most hated vegetable to be chopped), to the slicing of nuts or kneading of dough. The best food processor can perform any task within seconds!

They make cookery an enjoyable and fun process, rather than an overwhelming one.

Durability - Uncrushed!

Unlike many kitchen devices, processors are made of commercial-grade substances that make them very durable.

They are usually made of high-grade plastic on the outsides whereas, the blades and jars are made of high-quality steel.

Quantity - Unbeaten!

Have a big joint-family? No worries! Processors usually come with good capacity containers and choppers. The blades are big and efficient to get through all types of food. 

But, you have to be choosy about this aspect. You need to check the capacity on your own, according to the type and needs of your family, when you go out buying one.

Now that we have gone through the major benefits provided by the top food processor brands, let’s get on to the checklist you need to take care of before purchasing one.

The Power Wattage

Certain functions like dough mixing and kneading require more power. Other than that, regular tasks such as chopping and cutting, don’t require much power.

So, as per the intended usage, you can choose the wattage carefully. In general, food processors with a motor of 700 watts should be enough for a regular Indian household.

Bowl Capacity

This choice depends upon the size of your family. If you guys are a pack of foodies, and cooking large meals is your thing, then a 14 cup food processor shall be sufficient.

For a smaller family, any of the best food processor with a size of 10 cups shall be enough.

Myriad of Functions

A good processor is the one that can perform a varied set of functionalities. For this, it requires various attachments and disks to work with.

So, before you buy one, make sure all such attachments are included or, if not, can be attached to the processor at least, if bought separately.

Types of Blades

Functions like pureeing, grinding, chopping, everything requires a different type of blade. 

Make sure you get different types of blades as an attachment so you don’t get disappointed if the machine cannot perform some of your favourite tasks.

The best blades are made of stainless steel. They offer great performance and are durable too!

Controls to Control

The majority of food processors have only three modes of functioning like on, off and pulse.

For daily usage, these functions are enough to carry out day-to-day kitchen tasks.

However, preparing a few dishes require speed controls. So, before investing your hard-earned money in any of the top Inalsa food processor brand, do check out these functions.


Leading a healthy life must be our topmost priority. And it is no lie that only homemade food provides strength and immunity against various deadly diseases.

Live back to the good old days with a good processor and see your health levels rise. 

We covered the benefits of owning a processor and various things you must keep in mind before buying one.

Other than the things mentioned above, you must always have an eye out for the warranties concerned. You can also opt for a processor with dishwasher safe parts if you use one.

So, what are your thought about this blog? Do you think we missed a point? Let us know in the comments below and we shall ward off all your queries regarding the top 5 food processor in India.

Till then, stay healthy!

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