Know-How To Organize Your Best Double Door Refrigerator

by Swati Singh Digital Marketing Analyst
best double door refrigerator
The age of 20 is said to be the age of evolution. 
It is the phase where you witness the most dramatic changes in your life.

From your favorite dish to a favorite hobby, the preferences get a whirl. 
You might have witnessed it, right? 

In my situation, 
The things I loved to do when I was a teen are nowhere to be found on my priority list now.  
One of them was cleaning the refrigerator. (I totally hate it!)

You can get a better picture of it with my motto
“What happens in the refrigerator, stays in the refrigerator”

But then one day, I decided to go back to my favorite hobby and I opened the refrigerator with a heavy heart. 
You can’t even imagine, what I encountered there. 
The foul smell and past-expiration foodstuffs. 

That day I realized my refrigerator wasn’t a place to store food, it is a place where the food is kept to die and forgotten. 

Are you witnessing the same scenario? No, you don’t need to stress over it. 

We have some amazing TIPS about organizing your refrigerator that will surely surprise you. Have a look:

1. Is Your Refrigerator Empty Or Overfilled? Not A Smart Move

Does something fall out every time you open the door of your refrigerator? 
It is not at all a good sign. 
You need to declutter it as soon as possible. 

Filling every corner of the best double door refrigerator in India leads to forget the food, blocked air vents, impeded airflow and reduced energy efficiency. 
On the other hand, if your refrigerator is empty, stock it with the few bottles of water. This when chilled, helps the appliance maintain the cool temperature in the refrigerator.

Always remember to aim to keep the fridge two-third full. 

2. Pre-cut the fruits and vegetables before storage? Do It At Your Own Risk

Most people recommend, washing and cutting fruits and vegetables before storing it in the refrigerator encourages healthy snacking. However, the chopped-up veggies and fruits deteriorate faster. 
It is better to wash and cut them when you need to consume it. 

3. Storing The Milk In The Door? You are Doing It Wrong

Do you store milk in your refrigerator door? 

The warmest spots in the refrigerator are inside the door and the top shelf. Since milk requires cooling temperature, it should be kept in the middle shelf which enjoys the consistent temperature throughout. 
The same goes for eggs, do not store them inside the egg compartments if you have one. 

Store the condiments that have a high level of vinegar and salt in the door. 

However, the modern best refrigerator in India comes with the dairy and sandwich compartments that offer great convenience to the users. 

On the other hand, the top shelf is ideal for the snacks and all the leftovers.  

4. Fruits and Veggies Drawer Mates? A Bad Idea! 

If you have just peeked into your latest refrigerator model, you likely to have two drawers, one for veggies and one for fruits. 

Though it looks so tempting, your green leafy veggies overflowing from the veggie drawer but try to resist this urge. 

The veggie drawer is tapered for high-humidity greens and the fruit drawer is set for low humidity. Also, the ethylene from the fruits can result in earlier vegetable spoiling. 

5. Fond Of Strawberries? Look At This Exception

If you are a strawberry lover than surely you have been excited to open a new basket. But most of the time you find it spoilt and slushy. 
You can extend the life span of your favorite strawberries by storing them in the vegetable compartment. 

Like the veggies, the strawberries enjoy humidity and can not tolerate the ethylene.

6. The Best Place To Store Meat? Any Guesses? Know It Here

There are only two places to keep your meat fresh for long and to keep your best refrigerator brand in India spotless- The freezer and the lower shelf.

This eliminates the possible leaks and makes it super easy to clean any kind of spillage. 

7. Additional Accessories In The Refrigerator? A Stroke Of Genius

Trays, bins, and baskets are the happy fellow mates for your refrigerator. Not only it helps in storing the veggies and fruits easily but it also gives a pleasing look to your refrigerator. A refrigerator that takes advantage of these pieces of stuff is a joy to behold and use. 

You can use a tray to hold the meat on the lower shelf, a bin to hold the condiments that makes it difficult to close the door and a basket to hold oranges and grapes. 

Tired of cleaning your messy best refrigerator in India every time? 
Follow the above-listed steps and enjoy a pleasant hill-station like experience every time you open the door of your refrigerator. 

Willing to refurbish your old refrigerator? Get home the best double door refrigerator and let your veggies and fruits enjoy a fresh and pleasant cooling experience. 
Don’t forget to get an amazing cashback of a flat 10% on your purchase from K2 Appliances. 

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