The Battle of the Best - Gas VS Electric VS Induction Cooktop

by Swati Singh Digital Marketing Analyst

Decisions can be as crazy as choosing between pale pink and light pink. But this decision determines the long term benefits of cooking. 

Cooking is an ongoing process. As long as you live, you cook and you eat. Making a cheap deal out of it is what everyone desires.

Here in India, where the LPG prices have been on a constant rise despite the subsidy regulations laid down by the government. Looking out for other options seems only viable.

But who doesn’t fear change? Each one of us is only scared to try something for the first time. 

Even a new way of cooking.

Old VS New

The two main fuel basics are gas and electricity.

In electric type ranges like the best induction cooktop, the appliance uses electricity but the heating process differs greatly from the traditional electric cooktops. 

Electric ranges give out radiant heat from their heating elements. But an induction transfers heat through the process of electromagnetism and transfers it into conductive cookware with no trace of heat on the element.

So it is a fair matter of one’s own personal interests and choices that which type comes out as a winner.

No matter what choice you make, they are designed to cook and they will cook until they wear out.

Whenever you decide to renovate your kitchen or replace the weary ones, you will face these choices. Each with a set of advantages and disadvantages of their own.

So read out ahead and make the best choice as per your requirements.

Gas Hob

With respect to all other forms of cooktops, be it the induction cooktop or other electric ones, gas hobs are still the most owned ones in India.

Gas is a great performer as well. Be it in terms of precision or output. They are able to achieve a higher temperature much more quickly than the electric ones. And also can be turned off immediately in time.

Pros of a Gas Cooktop


The flame can be controlled in real-time by just turning the knob immediately. This lets you achieve precision every time.


In the case of an electrical outage (a fairly common phenomenon in various parts of India), you can work unhindered and without any pause.

The best induction cooktops in India also come with this advantage.


The heat from a gas stove is powerful and more immediate. It tends to heat food faster in comparison to other cooking methods.

Electric Cooktop

Typically, electric tops are of two types. Smooth topped with a heating element on the top or smooth topped with a hidden heat element.

They come up with the desired temperature relatively slower than the gas cooktops but are equally efficient.

Also, they also take time to cool down when turned off.


Cooler Environment

These types of hobs do not emit heat to the surrounding areas. Hence, letting you work with ease in the kitchen, even in summer times.

Easy to Clean

Since there are no gradations on indents on the surface of an electric cooktop, they are relatively easier to clean. 

Just take a wet piece of cloth and wipe it all over the hob.


Electric ranges are comparatively cheaper as compared to their gas counterparts.

Induction Cooking

best induction cooktops

Just another derivation of the electric range, induction cooktops utilize electricity as its fuel source as well.

However, the main difference is that the heating element here is hidden under a smooth topped surface and its basic functioning mechanism is electromagnetism. 

Induction cooking makes use of a metal coil to produce a transference of heat through capable cookware. 


Cooler Environment

As compared above, all the electric cooktops exhibit no heat at all during usage. In inductions, it is due to the transference through the magnetic metals. This helps in keeping the kitchen environment optimal to work in with.

Safety Enhanced

Since the heating element emits no radiant heat, the transient heat won’t be sitting around in the cooking area of the best induction cooktop.

This means that the residual heat will dissipate quickly and you won’t have to worry about your children getting burnt from the cooktop in your absence.

No Heat Wasted

Induction cooking wastes no heat and operates more economically when compared to gas or the traditional electric heating elements.


Deriving to a conclusion according to the facts stated above is hard, but not that hard either. 

Although a lot of factors totally depend on your conditions and personal preference, the one that comes out as a winning prospect is the best induction cooktop in india.

They are efficient, safe and easy to maintain. These tri-factors takes all the basic factors into consideration other than the cost. 

As far as the costs are concerned, inductions are not that hard on the pockets as well. They are moderately priced and one can definitely think of getting one without breaking the bank.

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