What Rooms Suit Wooden Flooring In Your Homes

by Rohan Sharma Lalco Interiors

Wooden Flooring has a charm of its own. The rustic look, the feeling of warmth under your feet’s and the smell of freshly waxed floor! If you love them all then wood flooring are for you. There are many myths surrounding wooden flooring, the biggest of them being that wooden flooring is mighty expensive. This is true! When you look to install it, the wooden flooring is expensive, but the flipside is that, wooden flooring adds value to your home, making it an investment and not a drain of funds! A house with wooden flooring, sells at higher cost than a house with standard flooring. Not to forget the added charm and elegance wooden flooring offers. A house with wooden flooring immediately projects a feeling of opulence and warmth.

If you are still keen on wooden flooring, then let’s have a look at which rooms of your house can wooden flooring work well with:

·         Hall and Entryway: This is the perfect place to install wooden flooring. These are the areas your guests are most likely to visit, and your wooden flooring can create its best impact in these areas. Lay the flooring perpendicular to your door, like done in a bowling alley; this will create a feeling of depth and largesse when guests enter your home. Lay your longest planks in these areas, and go in for a clean look with planks laid parallel to each other. If you want to create an artwork with wooden flooring, do seek professional expertise, or you will likely end up with a hacked look flooring! If you have pets and or kids, then your entryway is a high traffic zone. And wood flooring does not handle scratches, moisture or impacts well, chances of which increase with more footfalls. So it’s best to lay down anti-slip rugs to protect flooring in the high traffic zones of your house.

·         Guest Rooms: A simple and elegant way to up te style quotient of your guest room is to lay wooden flooring. Add a carpet for added warmth if you live in colder regions.

·         Bedrooms: Wooden flooring does extremely well in bedrooms. Wood is much easier to walk on than tiles or stone flooring, so your knees will thank you on those cold morning. Also wood remains warm even during winter, making it an excellent choice for those who prefer to go barefoot through the house. Wooden floor falls in the middle on sound absorption, neither absorbing nor amplifying sound so they help keep your bedroom quiter. If you have dust allergies then wooden flooring is a must for you, since dust and other allergens cannot become trapped or embedded in wooden floors, so running a simple mop or vacuum cleaner will leave you with sic and span floor, making for comfortable nights.

·         Kitchen: Wooden floorings are great for kitchen too, since they are more comfortable to stand on, and kitchen in the place where most standing time in the house is spent in! However wooden flooring, need extra care in kitchen. Moisture is the biggest killer of wood flooring. It can cause your flooring to swell, buckle, crack or warp and even decay when in excess! And moisture is plenty in a kitchen. To make the wooden flooring work for your kitchen, lay rubber mats in water prone areas like dishwasher and sinks. This will ensure that any water spill does not reach your flooring. In case of spills, mop it up quickly to minimize moisture absorption in to the floor. Hardwood floor also does not take impact well. So if you have kids who are likely to bang pots and pans on your floor; look to lay a thick anti slip rug on your floor, to minimize the impact.

·         Bathroom/Washroom: Last but not the least, the moistest place of your house! Can you install wood flooring in your bathroom? Yes you can, but then you will need to take adequate care to protect it from moisture! If you are up for the challenge, then here’s the lowdown on how to go about it. Engineered wood flooring is best for bathroom, since it holds best against moisture and warping. Ensure your bathroom is extremely well ventilated, trapped moist air will kill your flooring within no time. It’s recommended you install wooden flooring in guest bathroom, which has less traffic. A high traffic bathroom, especially one in a household with kids is a not a candidate for wood flooring. Install rugs in high risk areas like front of bathtub, sink etc. Quickly clean up all spills, and treat any moisture causing situation like clogged toilet/drain pipes promptly. If this seems like tall order, then do consider installing faux hardwood flooring for your bathroom! They look so real it’s almost impossible to tell the difference. This will ensure that your bathroom looks in sync with the rest of your house, while still being usable and easy to maintain!

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