Contemporary Rugs Can Transform a Room

by Rohan Sharma Lalco Interiors
A well-positioned modern rug can do miracles for any space. It adds comfort and warmth across all types of flooring. Contemporary rugs are available in different materials and unique styles. Be it a bedroom, living room or dining room; they can easily make a place seem larger than it really is. So without further ado, let's look at the ways by which a modern rug can modify your space:

1. Improves a room's decor:

A well-matching rug can enhance the existing beauty of a room. When placing rugs, the colors of the rug should match your decor. Use pastel colors for the rug to mingle in with the surroundings and use bold colors if it is placed in the center of the room to draw attention. Besides, light pastel colors are best with smaller rooms whereas dark and bright colors are better for larger rooms. The rugs you decide to use anchors your space. Hence, choose the right pattern, size, and color to suit your room's surroundings. 

2. Reduces noises:

Modern rugs are very efficient at absorbing sounds! Hello quiter rooms! If you have a hard wood flooring, or even tiles, you can sometimes hear echoes. It happens because the surface is not absorbing noise, albeit may even be reflecting it. A rug is an excellent solution for such a situation. Not only will it add beauty to your home, but also absorb the sounds and help make your home less noisy and more pleasant.

3. Improves comfort:

By laying a rug, you can undoubtedly enhance the comfort of your space. There is no doubt that a rug is softer and cozier to stand on than a hardwood or tile surface. Apart from the softness and comfort, it helps to absorb some of the impacts of your footsteps, reducing the impact on your knees.

4. Improves warmth:

Apart from being softer, it is also warmer than any other flooring. Rugs are also an excellent insulator. In a country like India, the bare tile flooring often gets very cold and hence, having a rug can very well solve this problem.

5. Alleviates allergies:

Allergens that cause allergies have a rough time in homes that have rugs. It is because the rugs trap the allergens efficiently and keep them away from the air we breathe in. Hence, it is quite beneficial for those suffering from allergies to have rugs in their home.

6. Improves safety:

When rugs have pads, they provide a solid non-slipping surface that helps to avoid accidental falls and injuries. This is an excellent feature for homes that have young kids, senior citizens, and or pets; as all of them are more prone to slips and accidents. Additionally, when anti-slip rugs are placed  under  furniture like tables, chairs, and sofas, they help to avoid unwanted movements. 

7. Versatility:

Rugs can be used to depict a theme, or to bring various parts together, or even to separate a room into different areas. It all depends on the look you wish to achieve! Rugs can be anything you want them to be. Best part, rugs are super easy to relocate, so you can move them around the house easily; and if you are moving houses, then just roll and carry your rug with you wherever you go! 
Pick your Contemporary Rug right away!

Ergo, you can see that beyond beauty and artistic value, rugs have many other benefits incorporated in them. Therefore, get to your nearest retailer and purchase yourself a stylish rug for your unique home right away!

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