A wooden flooring or carpet? What to choose for your flooring?

by Vikas Singh Marketing

A house is made of not just bricks and beams. It is also made of love, aspirations and dreams. One toils for a lifetime to build a house of their dreams and hence every nook and corner of your house must radiate with your personal taste. Regardless of the cost or the style or era, invest in all the stuff that comes with a sense of style, warmth and security. When we talk about the aspects of a house, flooring forms an essential part of your house. The last thing you want is to step and walk on damaged, dirty, slippery or cold flooring of your dream house. Carpeting and wooden flooring are the two flooring solutions that are in vogue right now. However, many factors affect the choice of flooring and let us look at some of them.

1:- Health and Well-being.

Wooden flooring is an ideal option if the housemates are prone to allergies or other physiological complications. Carpets, though aesthetically beautiful, can harbour many allergens such as dust, hair, mites leading to people suffer from constant bouts of coughs, sneezes, itchiness, breathlessness etc. The quality of the air inside your house is also much better-purer and healthier with wooden flooring since wood emits lesser VOCs i.e volatile organic compounds. Wooden floors do not absorb any smells. Thus, if health is your priority, then wooden flooring would be the perfect choice to make.

2:- Durability.

House flooring needs to be robust and endure the wear and tear that it undergoes regularly. The shelf-life matters here since it is not feasible to replace or repair the flooring within short spans of time. Wooden floorings can last for years and years without needing replacement. An average shelf-life of a wooden flooring is somewhere between twenty to thirty years. However, a carpet’s average warranty period is about 10 years. Carpets may cost less monetarily, but they may require refurbishment or replacement pretty frequently which would involve monetary expenditure as well. Carpets may not always get torn or damaged, they may start looking unappealing, worn-out and old thereby negatively impacting the aesthetics of the house. If durability matters to you, do not forget to hire the best wooden flooring companies in Delhi during your next floor refinishing project.

3:- Ease of Maintenance and Cleanliness

Wooden floorings are so much more easier to clean and maintain than carpets. Wooden floors wouldn’t absorb any spilled liquid, won’t hold stubborn stains nor would it require regular deep cleaning like carpets. Even if something accidentally spills or stains the wooden floor, it doesn’t require immediate and heavy scrubbing like one would do on a dirtied carpet. It would be easily spotlessly clean when cleaned even after a few hours have passed since it won’t permanently stain or absorb anything. All a wooden floor requires is a simple sweep with a broom, mop with less amount of water and you are good to go! Dry mopping is an option too. Dirt gets easily and quickly tracked onto carpets and they more evidently show when the traffic is heavy because walking patterns get traced very easily. Unlike wooden floorings, carpets often require heavy scrubbing because of this reason.

Houses adorned with wooden floorings are also in demand these days in the real estate market and have a very high resale value. Wooden floorings bring about an appropriate blend of modern and vintage appeal, giving the perfect trendy yet traditional look to your abode. Leading wooden flooring companies in Delhi are providing pocket-friendly, top-notch quality and versatile wooden flooring solutions to ensure your home radiates with luxe, comfort and your personal style statement.

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