iPhone Vibration or Ringing Issue? Here's What You Should Do!

by Kulminder Singh FixMyMobile

The constant notifications and incoming calls are pesky when you're in a quiet place focusing on something important. Hence, keeping your iPhone in vibration mode instead of ringing mode is crucial. Users often keep their iPhone devices in vibration mode to avoid annoying others around them. But what if your iPhone isn't vibrating on a ring or silent mode? 

Vibration helps you get notified about a call or text when the device is in your pocket or in a crowded place. But it has been seen that several iPhone users have complained about their devices not vibrating. 

You're at the right place if you're wondering what's stopping your iPhone from vibrating or ringing. But there's a company that can fix these errors without hassle. 

FixMyMobile is that one-stop iPhone repair center in Delhi that can troubleshoot iPhone vibration or ringing issues. These are the top 5 fixes to eliminate this error at your end before contacting this Apple repair center.

  1. Allow vibration

You need to examine if the vibration is activated when your iPhone unexpectedly ceases vibrating. Before moving on to the other listed options, it is worthwhile to look at this one. 

Launch the Settings app and select Sounds & Haptics from the menu to turn on vibration on your iPhone. Select "Vibrate on Ring" and "Vibrate on Silent" under "Vibrate" and turn the corresponding switches on. Once done, see in case your iPhone's vibration is working. 

  1. Activate the accessibility vibration features

In addition to Sounds & Haptics, you should verify your Accessibility options too. Your iPhone won't vibrate in Silent or Ring mode if the vibration isn't turned on here. You need to toggle on Vibration after going to Settings > Accessibility > Touch.

  1. Force your iPhone to restart

Until the Apple symbol shows up, simultaneously hold down the power and home buttons (or the volume down button on iPhone X and beyond). Your iPhone may reboot, which occasionally resolves smaller software glitches.

  1. Disable the DND button

This useful iPhone function, called "Do Not Disturb,” entirely mutes your phone. When activated, it prevents your iPhone from vibrating or ringing for incoming calls, messages, or notifications. So, you need to ensure your iPhone's Do Not Disturb mode is turned off.

When the Control Center appears, slide down from the screen's top right edge to disable Do Not Disturb. To turn off Do Not Disturb, tap the crescent moon logo now.

  1. Reset every setting

Are you still facing iPhone not vibrating issue? Now it's time to delete every setting on your iPhone if everything else is unsuccessful. This process resets all of the settings on your smartphone to their factory defaults.

If you intend to access your iPhone later, you may only use this approach because it can take a while if the device has many files. You may opt for Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone > Reset. Now, it's time to hit the "Reset All Settings."

How do the professionals of FixMyMobile help you eliminate iPhone not ringing issue?

Suppose you have attempted the troubleshooting procedures to fix the vibration issue with your iPhone, and it doesn't work. In that case, it's probable that the motor that causes the vibration is broken and has to be fixed or substituted by a specialist. The following are the actions an iPhone repair professional could perform to resolve your iPhone's vibrating issue: 


The repair professional will thoroughly diagnose your iPhone to find the source of the vibration problem. The vibration motor will be examined for physical damage and other problems inhibiting proper operation.


The repair professional will swap out the malfunctioning vibration motor for a fresh one. A new motor will be meticulously installed after removing the preceding one, and all components will have been made securely and correctly.


The repair professionals will calibrate the vibration motor. After that, they will assess it and modify the settings to check if it's generating the right vibration amount.


The experts will assess your iPhone's performance after the repair. 


The iPhone repair professional will deliver it back to you when it has been fixed and inspected. They might offer an extended warranty on the repair, assuring you that you can exchange it if any problems crop up later.

It's always enjoyable to pay attention to essential calls and notifications. Sometimes, your iPhone will vibrate because of a faulty iOS upgrade or an erroneous setting. Contact FixMyMobile now if you cannot fix iPhone not ringing issue by yourself!

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