iPhone Cleaning Tips and Tricks - Expert Edition

by Kulminder Singh FixMyMobile

An iPhone is something that is the owner’s pride and neighbor’s envy. It’s a luxury in its own sense. However, the same iPhone will bring shame or worries if you’re not taking good care of it. Like anything else, iPhone also needs to clean and take care of.

The dust and dirt, when accumulated, will cause serious operational hurdles as well. Here we are sharing some of the most practical iPhone cleaning hacks that you must try. They all are backed by the experts of the iPhone repair center in Delhi, FixMyMobile. So, you ought to trust them.

What Are the Best Chemicals To Clean iPhone? 

Before we share the tips with you, let’s learn about the suitable chemicals for cleaning.

As per the official Apple website and top Apple repair centers like FixMyMobile, one must use a 75% ethyl alcohol wipe,  Clorox disinfecting wipes, or 70% isopropyl alcohol wipe to remove the superficial dust and dirt from the iPhone. They are all safe. 

Attention Please! 

Make sure that your iPhone must be unplugged from all the power sources and external accessories beforehand. There should be no AirPods or charger connected to it.

iPhone Cleaning Hacks 

If you’re having some audio issues then clean the speakers. It’s an easy job. Just put 70% rubbing alcohol on the tip of an old brush and put it inside. Make sure you only use a little quantity. Also, don’t use your phone soon after the clearing. Wait for a while. 

To remove the dust from the screen, take a muslin cloth and put only a bit of rubbing alcohol. Wipe the screen with it. 

To clean the charging port, you need to put alcohol on the tip of a toothpick and move it gently inside the space. Be very gentle if the tip broke inside the space then there will be no end to your mystery.

Things to Avoid 

While the above iPhone cleaning tips will help you keep your phone spick and span, keep the below-mentioned points in your mind to make sure you’re not causing any harm. 

  • Don’t use an abrasive cloth to clean the surface. You’ll end up scratching the screen. Also, the cloth should be lint-free. A lint cloth will leave lint inside the speaker or other openings of the phone. 

  • Don’t do the excessive wiping. It will only make things worse. 

  • Don’t use very watery liquids while cleaning even if the phone claims to be waterproof. 

  • Make sure that no moisture is getting inside any opening. 

  • Don’t use bleaches, aerosol sprays, or any other abrasive materials for cleaning. 

  • Try to avoid spraying cleaning liquids directly on the iPhone. Take them on the cloth and then use them to clean the surface. 

A Sparkle Clean iPhone Is Possible

With constant use, it’s obvious to have accumulated dirt and dust outside and inside your iPhone. You can get rid of this if you know the iPhone cleaning basics. But, you need to be extra cautious as a single mistake can damage your iPhone once and for all. It’s better to take it to a trusted iPhone parts replacement service center and the job is done. Professionalism has its worth and magic.

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