5 Easy Ways to Know Your Car’s Braking System is Calling for Help

by Superior Cars Auto Repair Garage in Northampton

When it comes to your car’s maintenance, ensuring proper functionality of its braking system should come quite high on everyone’s priority list. Like any other mechanical component, brake parts start to lose their performance without routine servicing.

Whenever your brakes start to wear out, it will trigger multiple tell-tale symptoms to your car. If you notice such indications, you should get your vehicle checked by a professional technician before it gets too late.

Here are some of the common signs your car gives you whenever something goes wrong with its braking system.

  1. Is the Brake Warning Light On?

Brake warning lights on your car’s dashboard will give you the first signs to a malfunctioning component or system. Sometimes, an engaged parking brake can trigger the lights too, so keep an eye out for such trivial issues.

  1. Hearing Noises?

You should pay close attention to any noise that might be audible while braking. These noises can tell you whether all the brake parts are functioning properly or not.

  • If you notice a high pitched noise whenever you apply the brakes, it might indicate a worn-out brake pad. Brake pads are made of steel and can create sounds when they make contact with the rotor.

  • Grinding noises while braking can be an indication of multiple underlying issues. Smaller problems like a rock on the calliper can also cause the symptom. But, in most cases, this is a sign that the brake pads have completely worn out.

In such cases, the more you wait, the bigger the problems will get.

Get your car’s braking system checked and replace the worn-out brake pads. Not doing so can affect your safety and take a toll on various components including your car’s suspension and Tyres in Northampton.

  1. Vibrations While Braking

If your car’s steering wheel vibrates whenever you apply the brakes, you may conclude that you have warped rotors.

Brake rotors are placed inside the wheel. Whenever brakes are applied, the pads squeeze the rotor to decelerate the vehicle. That's why it is essential to have smooth and even rotor bodies to ensure the optimum performance of your car’s brakes.

  1. Too Soft Brake Pedal

A problem in the master cylinder might cause minimum to no response from your car’s brakes. If your car’s brake pedal goes all the way to the floor while braking, it’s a sign that the brakes need a servicing as soon as possible.

  1. Car Pulling to a Side

If a brake hose gets impaired, your car may feel a pull towards a particular side. An issue with the brake callipers can also cause this problem. If one brake calliper applies more pressure during braking, your car may veer off the lane.

However, these symptoms not always prove to be fatally damaging. Some noises or signs could be as simple as harmless squeaks from the brake pads. But, you have to be sure about it. Delaying brake servicing exposes you into risks which you could avoid.

Get your car’s brakes serviced from a professional garage like Superior Cars. They also perform manufacturer specific pre and post MOT services. So, you can take your car there for repair if it fails its Mercedes, Ford, Audi or BMW MOT Northampton.

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