What Is Sustainable Fashion?

by Olivia J. Freelance Writer and Researcher

In a world where we are no longer just talking about climate change and other issues, but actually taking steps to correct them, eco-friendly and sustainable living is becoming more popular. The fashion industry is one of the biggest contributors to pollution, meaning that many shoppers are now actively looking for and seeking out to support companies that follow sustainable and eco-friendly guidelines and practices.

The term “sustainable fashion” has been a pretty big buzzword as of late and if you love the world you live in then you’re going to want to prevent increasing your carbon footprint. It’s easy to want to start buying environmentally friendly pieces, but often that little - or big - number on the price tag may hold you back from actually making the purchase.

Before making any such purchase, be sure to educate yourself and know exactly what you want to go into the sustainable clothes you wear. It’s tempting to believe that sustainable means expensive, but it’s easier to understand what the cost of sustainable living and shopping actually is.

With the fashion industry known for being the second highest polluter in the world, only behind agriculture, it’s vital for brands to start taking steps towards reducing their own carbon footprints. Sustainable fashion is typically created and designed with the end goal to support the human impact upon the environment. Many fashion and clothing brands are currently pushing towards lower resource use, less waste and releasing fewer pollutants, all in an ethical way.

But, sustainable fashion is more than just how materials and clothing are made. Sustainable fashion inevitably means a sustainable wardrobe, which is full of pieces that you reuse over and over. Sustainable fashion isn’t just defined by how it is made, but by how customers buy it. For example, if a piece if reused, vintage or made from recycled fabrics then it is deemed sustainable.  

There are plenty of reasons and consumers who are starting to sustainably shop, but why isn’t everyone? Sustainable fashion can cost more than some people are willing to pay. If you really want to make your wardrobe more sustainable then it can be hard to justify spending a large amount for a small number of items. If you want to start making smart and sustainable purchases, then it is important to know what actually goes into the process of making eco-friendly clothing as this will lead you to the prices at which you will find them.

Research the brands you are interested in, old and new, and discover if they use eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton or hemp. Some sustainable fashion brands include Horizon Athletic and Reformation. Whilst researching, you’ll quickly learn what products are constructed in eco-friendly ways and you’ll find out if they fall into your own values. Another way to transform your wardrobe into an eco-friendly one is to invest in pieces that will last longer. Pieces that you don’t wear daily, but will get a lot of use out of, for example, womens activewear or winter clothing items, are good investments to make as you will get more wear out of them in the long run.

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