How to Stay Motivated in Your Career

by Olivia J. Freelance Writer and Researcher

Motivation. Such a fickle beast. In the workplace, it is key to doing well. But, that doesn’t mean that it’s always there like we wish it would be. The key is to somehow find your motivation again. So, how can you hope to bring a new level of motivation into your career right now?

Commit to It

Most people will admit to the fact that they are less than enthusiastic about their careers. Which often means that they’re not really that committed to it either, a great reason to lose motivation… Simply recommit to your career and some of this feeling should go away. Of course, recommitting may be harder than you expect but it can be very rewarding once you do. It can completely re-invigorate and bring new life into your everyday work life.

Create an Extensive To-Do List

Broad goals can be a great way to split your big ‘impossible’ tasks into more manageable segments. It can also feel really good when you eventually get round to ticking them off. If there is anything you need to stay a little more motivated in your career it’s the satisfaction of that little tick. There are plenty of resources online about how to create the perfect ‘to do’ lists, so check them out at your leisure.

Have the Right Nutrition

Sometimes we lose interest and motivation in our careers because we fail to take care of ourselves properly. Ensuring you have a good diet and the right levels of nutritional intake are the best ways to do this. This may mean creating a specific food plan or taking nutritional supplements which can make you feel better about yourself. If you have bad health in general, then it may be necessary to take additional supplements (ranging from those that are good for your energy and even digestive health supplement).

Take Breaks

Sometimes it is very easy for us to become discouraged in our careers because we fail to take appropriate breaks. Either during the workday or in the year as a whole. In the first instance, it is vital to take regular breaks throughout your day which can help to get you up and about as well as away from your desk. Both good for your physically and mentally. Especially as sitting or thinking about work for 8 straight hours is not healthy in the slightest.

Make a Career Plan

It’s all too easy to feel aimless in your career. Simply turning up to work day after day, never moving forward and never learning anything new. Sounds like a familiar story? Well, then you definitely need a career plan.

A career plan can be either something you come up with by yourself or with the help of your supervisor/manager/etc. Which can also make it an ideal time to seek any kind of necessary feedback that may help you to see your career in a new perspective. Not feeling very good about yourself? Feedback from a superior may give you the encouragement you need or the structure required in order for you to do better, whichever the case may be.

Be Encouraged

Has someone told you that you’re doing great recently? Has your coworker really excelled at something? Then, you can easily use both of these situations to add a little encouragement into your work life. In one instance it can help you to feel good about yourself and in the other it can be great peer pressure to help push yourself to better results. After all, a little encouragement and competition can be great motivation factors.

Overall, motivation is something which ebbs and flows. And that’s okay. The important thing is that if you do lose motivation, you need to try and reinvigorate yourself and bring that motivation back into your daily routine.

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