What is Email List Hygiene and How to Maintain it?

by Marcus G. SEO Specialist

Ever since the corona pandemic has hit the entire world, people know the importance of hygiene very well. 

As you keep your house clean to make it free from dust, the same applies to marketing. Specifically, email list cleaning and email checker tools are essential to keep invalid customers away. 

Let’s know more about email list hygiene !!

What is email list hygiene?

Email list hygiene refers to sending the right emails to the right people. 

It entails removing unwanted and uninterested email addresses from your address list. Get going by creating a targeted list of engaged users. 

Today email marketing is generating huge profits and is very popular. However, it also leads to a lot of spam complaints. Email list cleaning will reduce spam traps as you will get to connect with the desired customers only. 

Email list cleaning also allows your customers to access valuable content on your platform. This will get you more clicks and good conversion rates. 

Most importantly, if you periodically keep your email list clean, it will save money and time. Time and money are as important as oxygen to humans!!

What gains do you get from email list hygiene?

- Reduce spam traps

- Higher engagement rates

- Improved sender's reputation

- Protect customer data

- Keeps you connected with the right customers

What do sources have to say ??

According to the source, 37% of email addresses change annually. Cleaning your email lists periodically will help to remove those unwanted subscribers.

319.6 billion emails are sent per day in 2021, as per the data provided by That’s a lot !!! 

If your email is not cleaned periodically, then the rate of invalid subscribers would outreach your valid subscribers. 

Statistical data depicts - 

A bounce rate higher than 3-5% is a sign that you need to clear your email list. This will lower bounce rates and increase open rates.   

According to the Radicati Group statistics, the number of email users is expected to grow to more than 4.3 billion by the end of 2023. 

These statistics pin one thing - emails are still the frontrunner in the digital marketing world. 

Users who regularly validate their emails are the ones who face lower bounce rates, increased conversion, increased email ROI, and more accurate statistics. 

How to maintain email list hygiene? 

Don't go for buying email lists - 

Purchasing email lists isn't a good idea when your email list has the potential to generate sales. 

In addition, purchased lists might have spam traps that will affect your sender score as it contains a huge number of expired email addresses. 

Sending emails to spammers will get your email blacklisted by ISPs, ESPs.


Maintain frequency while you send emails - 

Do not send emails to your engaged users twice a day or every day. Instead, maintain a frequency of delivering emails on one particular day and stick to that. 

Sending emails frequently might cost you losing subscribers, and you know how vital your subscribers are?? Right!!!

Email list segmentation - 

To know very well about your subscribers, you need to segment emails. You may encounter users who are new and are learning about your products. 

You can segment your mail lists based on your engagement rates. You can send out a survey form and segment based on their responses.  

Keep your subscribers engaged - 

You can give your users free coupons - it is a marketing strategy to get traffic on your website. Offering incentives like free coupons, free download options have the potential of hiking engagement rates.

Keep them updated about your services - updating your subscribers, adding extra features to your website, or expanding your services will keep them intact.

Email campaigns to rekindle interest in your brand - email campaigns generate users' curiosity to know more about your products and services.

Clear your mailing list regularly - 

It is an effective way to keep unwanted and invalid users out of your mail list. 

You will get the chance to connect with active and engaged users who have a genuine interest in your services. 

Regularly cleaning email lists will lower the bounce rates, increase conversion rates plus maximize revenue estimates. 

Remove inactive subscribers -

Removing inactive subscribers will make it easier to reach valid users, sending emails only to your targeted list of subscribers. 

Conclusion -

Email list hygiene is essential for successful email marketing. This article gives you a glance at email hygiene and cleaning up the email list. 

In addition, you can choose an email verifier tool (e.g., MyEmailVerifier) that will help you maintain your email lists well.

Create your niche in a thriving email marketing world!!!!

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