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Have you ever imagined why your emails don't reach appropriate customers?

The possible answer could be that either the email address doesn’t exist or is invalid.  

Here come email verifiers into the picture !!!

Email verifiers are online services that help marketers to find valid email addresses. 

Email verifiers ensure that email addresses are - 

  • Valid

  • Existing & 

  • Working 

Email verification involves a series of steps that helps you improve email deliverability - 

  1. Finding possible issues - 

This is the first step that email verifiers do. 

It is just like spellcheck. Before your email gets caught by ISPs, the email verifier ensures that you have used correct spelling.

  1. Prevent spam traps - 

Email verifiers help prevent spam listing by carefully identifying email addresses created to capture senders and do not follow proper practices. 

If you don’t want to fall into the spam trap, then -

  • Stop buying mailing lists 

  • Follow email marketing practices 

  • Periodically remove unengaged subscribers 

If still emails are sent to spam traps, then your email address will be blocked by ISPs. 

  1. Checking format of email - 

The next important step is to check the format of the emails ideally.

Here email verifiers scan your emailing list to see if it contains @ symbols, valid email addresses. 

E.g., if you wrote jeenali@jen@kk, the email verifier checks and sees the correct format or makes it invalid. 

  1. Domain verification - 

Email verifiers check whether the user has a valid domain name. If the domain name is not registered, then it sends a signal and eventually blocks it. 

E.g., if you have used jeenali@jeenali.ts and if jeenali.ts does not exist, then email verification will mark it as not valid. 

  1. To check mailbox exists - 

Lastly, email verifiers use SMTP, IMAP-like protocols to check that the email exists and receives messages sent by the marketer. 

E.g., If you wrote jeenaji@jeenali.ts instead of jeenali@jeenali.ts, the email verifier will consider it invalid. 

Because of the wrong interpretation of email, messages could not be delivered to the receiver. 

Some of the best email verifiers are as follows - 

My Email Verifier -

My Email Verifier is known for verifying emails in a short span of time. It cleans your email list with 100% accuracy at an affordable price.  

It helps to remove - 

  • Email bounces 

  • Spam traps

  • Junk emails

  • Unengaged users 

Its pricing starts at $1.44 per 500 credits. It is convenient for giving real-time email verifications.  

Bouncer - 

Bouncer is known for email list verification and email validation. It is easy to use and smooth to implement. 

It has fair pricing with $0.0050 per mail. 

Users can receive 1000 free credits for tests on sign up with $2.50 per 1000 credits. 

Zero bounce - 

Zero bounce is known for bulk email list cleaning and real-time email verification. It also detects spam traps, fake and abusive emails and prevents bounces.

Zero bounce ensures emails are up-to-date and eliminates duplicates at no charge.

Zero bounce pricing starts at $0.008 per email. 

Debounce - 

Debounce is a popular, fast, and accurate email verification platform. It helps validate bulk emails. 

Debounce has remarkable features - 

  • Uses SMTP check to minimize bouncing

  • Helps reduce the number of unknown using anti-greylisting technology

  • Duplicate emails are removed automatically 

  • Helps remove spam traps

Its pricing starts from as low as $0.0009 per verification based on the number of verification. 

Xverify - 

Xverify is known for accurate email verification. Instantly alerts its end-users and helps them correct mistakes. 

Xverify provides in-built fraud protection and auto-correction of domains.

It is best recognized for affiliate management. 

Xverify’s pricing plans start with $0.0100 per email. 

Conclusion - 

Email verifiers are essential to remove unengaged subscribers. It is an online service that is readily available. You need to choose accordingly, make sure you do not lose your precious subscribers. 

All the email verifiers mentioned above are the best tools to use for clearing unwanted emails in bulk. 

With an email verifier, run your website freely. Let’s get started!!!!

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