What is Currency Trading or Forex Trading?

by Alexander james Blooger

Forex trading is also known as currency trading. In which the buying and selling of the currencies mean the exchange of currency against another currency. Every day the transaction of individuals, companies, and banks is around $6.6trillion, which is enormous.

The currencies are essential to most people around the world to trade in forex. The forex markets are run globally, the major four centres which are located in Sydney, New York, Tokyo and London. There is no centralised location for forex trading; you can trade 24 hours a day and five days a week.

The forex market is the largest market in the world. The only market where the loss and profit are in uncertain conditions. If you are a beginner and have less knowledge of forex exchange, use a demo account and learn how to market changes. Take seminars and workshops in the various regions around the world that cover a multitude of topics. 

With the help of forex exchange strategies, it should be simple to adapt the knowledge and learn.

What are the strategies of currency trading or forex trading?

  1. Position trading - In foreign exchange, position trading is a long-term movement. This trading's profit is gained from major changes in prices. In position trading, you could not monitor all the time for a price, occasionally monitored on major trends.

  2. Scalping Trading - The traders who trade in scalping hold the position for a second or a maximum for a minute. Scalping is the only one in which the trader takes the high-risk. Scalping’s purpose is to make a lot of trade with smaller profit gains. Sometimes, the broker doesn't allow scalping because it does not have much time to close the transaction. The smaller moves of the price are more frequent as compared to the higher moves in price. The only time a trader loses fund when trading is against the bid.

  3. Day trading - In forex, the day trading position is to enter and exit on the same day, but the risk is more against others. In which the market is frequently watched for a day, the trades are usually for a minute or hours. If you are a day trader, you know before the market takes action, you have a ready trading plan that helps trade in a day. In day trading, the risk of losing fund is higher, and the risk is more.

  4. Swing trading - The traders who hold the position for less than a day after, swing traders hold the position for a few days or weeks. The benefits of this trading are you do not need the monitor continuously for a day because your position is holding (period of time).

What are the advantages of currency trading or forex trading?

  1. Transparency - Currency markets are the global market working across time zones. So there is no singular country, central bank or investor who can influence or manipulate the exchange rate in the long term.   

  2. Leverage - The amount which the broker gives on behalf of the investor for the investment. The leverage amount is hazardous to trade because in which the investor has to bear the loss if the trade is against you.  

  3. 24 hours trading- Forex trading is the market that is open 24 hours in a day and 5 days a week to trade. Forex trading is suitable for all the people who have less time because of jobs, business etc. 

  4. Transaction cost - The transaction cost is meagre in forex trading the broker earns from the spreads. A low transaction cost helps you pocket more profit. 

What are the disadvantages of currency trading or forex trading?

  1. Volatility - The market volatility is high in forex. Currencies fluctuate a lot, and very often, events such as elections, data and geographical tensions tend to create extreme volatility in the currency market, which makes it extremely risky.

  2. High leverage - The leverage helps you hold a big capital in the market, but if the prediction fails and the market is against you, then your losses will be magnified due to high leverage. 

  3. The cost of brokerage - The traditional broker charges the high pips, much higher than the discount broker's flat brokerage. A high brokerage cost cuts into your hard-earned profits.

What are the tips to start currency trading or forex trading?

  1. Gain knowledge about the market. 

  2. Get updated on the financial news

  3. Make a trading plan. 

  4. Find the best broker.

  5. Follow all the strategies.

  6. Practice on a demo account before the actual money is invested.

These are the best brokers to trade are:

These brokers give the best advice to trade, giving a lot of information and knowledge about the market. 

  1. Global TradeATF

  2. IGMFX 

  3. T1markets

  4. Tradedwell

  5. HFTrading 


Before starting forex trading, you should know why you start the trading and what are the goals behind the trading. Forex trading is not as easy as the stock market because it runs within the nation, but the finance market runs globally. Each action changes the condition of the market; you have to focus on a large level.

The currency price depends on the market's demand and supply and the finance news's technical analysis. Find the best broker according to your trading plan and take advice from the brokers. Neglect the emotions while trading because it gives you a bad result at the end of the trade.

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