The Best Bitcoin Trading Strategy - 5 Simple Steps

by Alexander james Blooger

With the advance in the technology and internet connectivity, the abundance of trading opportunities for both professional and amateur traders surged. The trading becomes more accessible from this particular point. This digital era not only opened the gate for digital currency trading but also boosted other sectors and markets in the financial arena. 

Most famous and the one which stands on top in the list of cryptocurrency trading, the Bitcoin also attained popularity in this era. Here in the article, we will talk about bitcoin trading and strategies which one should adopt to harvest most out of this popular market. 

Bitcoin: the heart of the cryptocurrency market 

Bitcoin, the well-known cryptocurrency came into play in the year 2008. The implementation of it as a trading tool or a transaction tool started in the year 2009. Moreover, it is a well-managed network which introduced the world with the new approach for payment statement, that works only with vital or digital money. With this, one can receive and send funds all across the world through the internet. 

It was the basic introduction to Bitcoin. Now we will move ahead in the article and find out what are the basic steps which you have to follow to build an effective bitcoin trading strategy. These steps will surely help you to harvest most out of the cryptocurrency market. You just have to follow and understand them one by one. 

Five simple steps to be considered while building a strong bitcoin trading strategy. 

Bitcoin trading strategy: Step 1 

Finding the right trading software for you

One of the most crucial factors which you should consider in the starting phase of your trading journey is finding the ultimate trading software. The right software helps you in discovering the extent of your financial potential, which is a vital factor while you are trading. 

Beginning with this step will provide you with an opportunity to harvest gains and manage your trading account more efficiently. This type of trading system gained widespread popularity with the increase in cryptocurrency trading or more precisely, bitcoin trading. Due to this, new inventors are developing advanced systems which are based on artificial intelligence and track the trading opportunity correctly. 

The popular trading platform used globally by numerous traders is MetaTrader 4. There are various benefits associated with this platform: 

  1. Slippage

  2. One-Click Trading

  3. Price alerts

  4. Technical analysis tools

  5. Orders and charting

  6. Expert advisors or algorithmic trading 

  7. Easy to use

  8. Compatible with Android and iOS 

  9. Supports a wide range of languages 

  10. Secure

Bitcoin trading strategy: Step 2 

Building a robust trading plan 

Once you have successfully completed step one, it is good to build a robust trading plan. It is of great importance because if you wish to harvest a massive amount from the cryptocurrency market, you require a proper plan. It contains the entry points, exit points, risks involved with that trade and risk management strategies to mitigate these risks. Along with this, you should also include your long-term and short-term trading goals. 

Constructing the plan is easy, but difficult is following it with dedication. Many traders fail to follow and thus, get trapped in large losses and trouble. 

Bitcoin trading strategy: Step 3

Research before entering the bitcoin trading 

Successful trading is known for its deep research. Thus, it is important on your part to spend some quality time understanding and analysing market concepts. You might think that what is a big deal in this and every trader who wishes to trade will obviously enter with sufficient knowledge. But, it is not, the majority of traders usually consider it as a secondary thing and forget to go through basic information before making their life-changing decision. 

It is the reason why we have mentioned this point as one of the important Bitcoin trading strategies. Your research should contain the latest news about bitcoin trading, essential updates, daily or hourly price shifts. You can easily get this information from authentic news channels, websites and financial service providers you opt for. 

HFTrading offers both educational courses and research tools to enhance your knowledge. It keeps you updated by providing the latest market news though notifications. 

Bitcoin trading strategy: Step 4

Secure your bitcoin 

While trading in the cryptocurrency market always remember that not every decision you make or every method you adopt will result in cent per cent success. It is because of the virtual nature of bitcoin. This virtual cryptocurrency provides you with conservative ways which you should consider before constructing your trading strategy. 

You require to ensure that you have a safe and trusted digital wallet. It is a secure space where you keep all your hard-earned money or savings. Thus, the security of your money is greater than anything else. This measure can be altered and implemented to any trading technique which you wish to pursue because protecting your trading address and a private key is a vital part. Through this key and address only, you can send, store and receive bitcoin. 

Bitcoin trading strategy: Step 5

Define your limits 

The last but most crucial step in the process of making a robust bitcoin trading strategy is defining your limits. This single step sums up all the essential concepts of trading. It seems to be simple, but it is the most challenging step to achieve. Understanding and defining the points where to place limits may take some valuable time, but if done precisely can prove to be a master card. Once you master it, you will understand how to monitor each market aspect for setting up the essential goals and limits while trading in the cryptocurrency market. 

These steps if followed correctly and dedicatedly will help you in building a strong bitcoin trading strategy which will eventually result in massive returns. 

How to start bitcoin trading? 

To start bitcoin trading, you require an online trading account with an authentic financial service provider. Pay heed to the word "authentic" because there are numerous fake firms around the financial market, which aims at stealing your money by giving luring offers. 

The process of opening an account is instant and straightforward. Follow the steps provided below: 

1) Visit the website of the broker and get yourself registered by providing name, surname, profession, email id and phone number for verification through OTP. 

2) Upload the desired documents which include address proof, identity proof and bank and financial statement (not older than six months) 

3) Choose the trade you wish to pursue, deposit the fee and start trading. 

You can start your trading journey with HFTrading. It is an authentic financial service provider regulated by the New Zealand Financial Markets Authority and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. The broker allows you to speculate on a wide variety of financial assets, including bitcoin with a minimum deposit of $250. 

The Bottom Line 

The time is not far when virtual coins will completely replace the entire fiat money system or traditional currency system. We live in the digital world where each passing minute means an introduction to new technology. Thus, the day will come when you will pay bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies in replacement of goods and services you undertake. 

Bitcoin is one of the popular financial tools adopted by many traders for trading. Trading bitcoin is not an easy task. You require a firm plan if you want to harvest a massive amount. Hopefully, the article covered each point which you were searching for. To read more such topics on a bitcoin investment,

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