What is stock trading

by Alexander james Blooger

What is stock trading:

The idea of someone buying and selling stocks tells everyone that that particular person is a stock trader. That is not necessarily important. Top broadly classify the people who are into stocks and stock trading, they are divided in terms of the frequency with which they trade and most of the people fall into on out of them.

 They are either inventors or traders. The basic assumption of a trader is someone who is stuck at a computer screen throughout their trading and is constantly buying or selling stocks. The investors, on the other hand, invest their money into stocks that they hold for long and over the period of time, expect some returns out of the investment.

 Stock trading is not always what you see in the movies or on the premises of the NYSE. These days it is possible to trade right where you are sitting but it is important to know what you’re playing with before you enter the game.

What is stock trading? 

The stock traders will undergo rigorous buying and selling of stocks throughout the day so that they can make money out of the daily price fluctuations. These are the people who are keen on making just a few extra bucks and these are also the people who are more into buying the blue-chip stocks of extravagant companies so that they can hold them for long. 

Trading is mainly divided into two parts:

Active Trading:

This type of trading is done when the person trades for not more than ten times a month. These types of traders follow a strategy that takes their inputs from the timings of the market and makes their profits off of the short-term events that happen during that time. 

Day trading:

This is the type of trading when the traders play the game of hot potato with different stocks. They buy some, sell some and then buy more and sell more. This happens multiple times during the day. The day traders aim at making some quick money in the next minute or even in the next hour sometimes. 

How can you trade stocks? 

If you want to take a swing at stock trading for the first time, you should know that the key to beat the game is the outperformance for the longer term. 

The best way to trade stocks is to learn about them more than what the internet has to offer. 

Let us look at some of the best strategies to trade stocks. And the reasons why everyone needs to have a trading strategy. 



A verified strategy is responsible for the survival of a trade and the trader itself. Trading strategies that are devised by novice traders and are not verified might result in the loss of capital and sometimes, the trader quitting trading altogether. The improvisation right in between the trade has led the traders to their doomsday in the market on the fifth or sixth day of trading. 


The traders can measure the extremes of their trading strategies if they are quantifiable. The presence of chaos in a strategy can result in a reduction of performance of the trading system and can also stop the statistical data to build. This type of data is very important if the trader has to be in the game for a long time.

Strategies to trade in stocks:

Know which asset to trade:

Traders have to know what they are trading and that is crucial for them to understand the asset in and out. It helps them to determine the volatility and the liquidity plus the volume of trade. All these things are important for traders in terms of potential profirts.

Know the entry/exit point:

Enter a trade a little too late and the opportunity is gone and exit the trade a little too early and there goes the money with that. It nisi important for traders to know when to get in and when to get out of the trades to make the most of the price movement in a stock. 

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Bottom Line:

Trading is a risky business and should not be conducted over emotion. It is important that the traders use math more than they use emotion while they trade. 

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