What Drives Online Buying Behavior? Leverage the Key Marketing Factors


No matter what type of business or industry you are in, there are sure to be competitors. In the digital marketing age, competition can be dangerous for your business as your prospects are just a step away from choosing your competitor at any point in your sales funnel. But, having competition is a good thing too.

Confused? Yes, you heard it right!

No competition means no market and no demand for your offered products and/or services. This can be an alarming sign that there may not be a market for what you are trying to sell.

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The online world we know today is quite different than the one most of us grew up in. The technology advancement has had a massive impact on how consumers perceive and access to information. This has greatly influenced the behavior and expectations of the consumer.

Wondering what drives consumers to select a product or service? And, how you can get a competitive edge in the market to dominate the searches?

There are a few key marketing factors that you must consider to getting a fair understanding of the purchasing patterns of consumers. By understanding the factors that affect the online purchasing behavior of consumers and how they tie into competitive intelligence, you can improve your website, increase conversions, and get actionable insights about your competitors.

Primary Factors Affecting Online Purchasing Behavior

Let’s understand the simple process of how people make an online purchase. It all begins when the search engine like Google. As the users see the ad or link (if organic), they decide whether to click on your link. Thereafter, prospects are redirected to your site where your website design makes the first impression.

Yes, it is your website design and UX that help establish the trust factor among your site visitors. The next contributing factor for buying your product or service is the offer. Is your price competitive or too high for your offering? Do you offer any deals, discounts or special offers which visitors can take advantage of?

Once the users analyze these contributing factors, it helps them decide about whether or not to make a purchase. Let’s delve in deep to get more insights on how these factors affect the buying decision and how to use competitive intelligence to generate more conversions to your site.

1. Website Design & UX

Is your website design clean, attractive, and evoke personal touch with a clear call to action? Does your site contain testimonials, logos, and trust symbols to instill confidence in visitors? Your website’s design element should provide a seamless user experience and aesthetic appeal to convince people to spend their dollars on buying your product or service. Make your design stand out from a branding perspective. 

2. Social Presence

Building your brand presence across a host of social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram enable you to reach the prospects who won’t otherwise convert on your website. It also helps to build the trust factor by showing social proof of your business.

As you know social media takes up a large amount of people’s online time. Paid social media advertising on social channels help you to better interact with your customers, understand their interests and behavior, and have genuine user ratings, reviews or testimonials. 

3. Brand Reputation

What convinces people to trust your site is the online reputation of your brand. If your brand is well-known, you don’t need to bother much about social proof as people are more likely to trust your business. If it is not, hire the experts to build and manage the online reputation of your brand. This will help increase the trust in your brand and your website.

4. A Great Deal

Building trust in your website is not just enough. You must also know how to create the most compelling offers. You may include a limited-offer discount, a free shipping or a free consultation to convince people to grab your deal. Everyone likes getting a deal. Getting your product or service at a highly competitive price make it worth purchasing for them. 

5. Marketing Campaigns

Since advertisements influence the buying decision of consumers, they bring a great shift in market shares of competitors. Marketing campaigns if done on a regular basis can persuade consumers to opt for one brand over another and indulge in trivial shopping. 

6. Mobile Sites/Platforms

People are increasingly relying on mobile devices to access information. If your website is not responsive on all mobile devices, you may be missing about half your visitors. If you want to compete in this highly competitive digital world, you should give your visitors the ability to browse your site from their mobile and tablets. 

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