What Details Are Most Important To Know About Green Lipped Mussel Oil?

by Rachel Bliendaure Writer

Did you know that you can plan your way to better health? A crucial part of that is going to be understanding what features will get you to that better place, health-wise, and taking the time to figure out just what that “better place” is going to be when it comes to daily long-term health. 


The right ingredients for health-conscious decisions


One of the most common supplements out there is omega-3.  It’s a primary one that most people focus on for better health. But, you need to know which one will give you the best nutritional profile.  For its overall potency, green-lipped mussel oil is the best omega-3 choice.  Here’s why:


     Its active ingredient is stronger than more common fish sources: Many people are quick to worship fish oil for its omega-3 fatty acid content.  Sure, wild-caught salmon and other carefully sourced fish are excellent choices for omega-3s.  But what if you can’t get -- for whatever reason -- those?  GLMO supplements will certifiably offer 53x stronger effects in inflammation management than the competition*, including fish oil products.  This is partly due to TURNER’s ultrasonic cold extraction that allows for better extraction of the polyunsaturated fatty acids.  The other part is that green-lipped mussels simply have more active ingredients in them than the fish sources.


     It works on balancing our omega-6s with omega-3s: Since a diet high in omega-6s causes inflammation in the body, balancing out your 6s with 3s is going to help.  This will minimize symptoms of inflammation in the body and work at the natural source of the problem.  Great for doing everything that you can for a much-needed break for your body.


Healthy inflammation response will factor in both omega-3s and the balance needed between 3s and 6s.  It also means that it will continue to support that balance even if you are still eating the modern diet.  Baby steps, right?  It’s all about knowing what actions are most important.


How does GLMO help?


As a dedicated and natural anti-inflammatory, GLMO helps in the ways that you would most suspect -- in inflammatory conditions!  Studies have shown promising connections in the following focus points.


       Asthma: Asthma is an inflammatory condition in which your lungs don’t operate as they should as a direct connection to inflammation.  In its potent extract form, green-lipped mussel oil helped them enjoy a significant reduction of airway inflammation and asthma symptoms that normally would restrict day-to-day activities in those with asthma.


       Arthritis: Whether classic arthritis due to age, or even early onset of arthritis in one or two joints, such as those caused by repetitive movement,  both joint pain as well as stiffness are caused by inflammation.  When used with those who have osteoarthritis, GLMO helped moderate stiffness and pain in those affected joints.  While there is still a lot of research that needs to be done with this kind of focus, especially since arthritis is so much a personal issue, it is promising.


       Muscle soreness: Inflammation in the muscles, caused by intense workouts or injury, are another common focal point for the potential helping hand of GLMO.  For the everyday person, GLMO can help reduce the recovery time from muscle soreness, providing them an easier time to enjoy their active time and even get up and moving faster after a moderate injury requiring them to take it easy. 


Inflammation is a common problem


Aging is a biological process that can’t be stopped, obviously.  However, we can make our early years easier on ourselves by focusing on keeping our bodies as strong as possible for as long as possible.  Proper inflammation levels throughout life drastically reduce the damage caused by free radicals caused by oxidation.  This means that you can protect your body from the onset of illnesses and aging symptoms directly resulting from inflammation.


There is more and more study in our current day and age, about the connection between inflammation and long-term health.  Studies have shown that there is a connection between the premature onset of many aging conditions and elevated inflammation levels.  So, while it may not be a sure thing, keeping your inflammation levels at a lower rate is certainly going to be helpful in doing everything you can to protect your long-term health.


Green-lipped mussel oil isn’t going to be a miracle product. Still, it certainly does have a lot of possible pros that it can offer the young planner who is looking for a way to help boost their healing capacity and deal with inflammation at both a systematic and an as-needed level.

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