How Long Does Green Lipped Mussel Oil Take to Work?

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When put to use properly, the right solution can make all of the difference in dealing with chronic pain.  If you are looking for advice and guidance on how to best deal with inflammation and joint issues, the solution could very well be in understanding just what could be waiting for you in the right supplements.  After all, the right solution starts with access to the correct information. 

Green-lipped Mussel oil


The basics on green-lipped mussel oil


This potent oil will be a leader of the pack when looking at organic omega-3 supplements that can deliver on their intended use.  Coming straight from the clean, unpolluted waters of New Zealand, these unique kinds of mussels are going to hold the key to dedicated and palatable inflammation management that will offer you daily results as well as long-term health benefits. 


Much stronger than fish oil and other supposedly “great” omega-3 supplements, this mussel-sourced omega-3 is 55x stronger than the competition*  thanks to a combination of its supercharged active ingredients and the cold ultrasonic extraction that allow for better use of its potency in capsule form.


How long does it take to work on average?


You don’t want to waste your time on something that takes a year to work, right?  You and your body deserve better.  That’s why you’ll be happy to learn that most find GLMO starts to work anywhere after two weeks.  While some may find that it takes 60-70 days to work, most people begin to notice the difference in a short timeframe as two weeks.


Why?  Because this is part of a lifestyle change, not a quick fix.  When you choose to go with something that kicks in “immediately,” you can bet that it works by simply hiding and masking the problem instead of helping it.  The reason that GLMO doesn’t work instantly is that these omega-3s are going to need to “settle in” to your body and get to work in handling your natural inflammation levels, evening them out.

This all means that you’ll have a dietary supplement that addresses your concerns and helps you manage the inflammation throughout your body on a cellular level, rather than just some sort of short-term bandaid solution that minimizes your symptoms.


How do I know my GLMO is working?


One of the things that most people will wonder is how to determine just when the green-lipped mussel oil capsules start to “work their magic” on symptoms of inflammation problems.  Here are some tips to help you feel the difference for yourself.


   Make a starting point: When you want to compare your pain or discomfort levels, one of the best things you can do is by making a baseline.  The day you start taking GLMO, make a note of your pain level on a scale of 1-10 and jot down a few notes about where the pain is, where you struggle, etc. 

A few weeks later, do an update on your scale of the pain of notes.  You may notice a difference in either or both sections when you glance back! 


  A reduction in pigmentation or “puffiness”: Some people will notice the first telltale signs that it’s working by finding that any pigmentation issues or puffiness are gone in the skin.  Since this is a body-wide inflammation management supplement, it’s a sign of good things to come!


    Less morning/evening stiffness: If you’re used to having to “stretch everything out” in the morning or the evening, you may notice that it takes less time or that you can even skip it altogether as your joints become easier to move and rely on.


  Easier time with problem tasks: Another sure sign your body is getting the healthy inflammation management it needs is that specific problem tasks suddenly seem a little easier.  You can go up that second flight of stairs without your knee clicking or popping.  Or, you practice piano again without pain ricocheting from your fingertips to your elbow when you stretch for the octave jump.  Whatever task typically feels taxing won’t be!


A simple solution for a life-impacting problem


Inflammation is a widespread problem in teens, adults, and seniors.  Whether caused by environmental damage or predisposition and hereditary concerns, there’s no reason that you need to fill your body with pharmaceuticals to dull the pain.


Manage the problem at its source by using potent and natural omega-3s to help promote a healthy inflammation response in your entire body.  You’ll be able to feel those results sooner than you’d think, and they’ll feel better than if you had just gone for a pain control option instead of an omega-3 supplement.


GLMO is full of surprises, but they’re going to be ready to offer you great results when you know where to look for them.  The rest, including how to make ample use of them, is going to be entirely up to you!


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