Top 6 Surprising Health Benefits of Manuka Honey UAF1000+

by Rachel Bliendaure Writer

Your choice in toast topping isn’t just about jam versus honey. It’s about what kind of honey you’re using, period. Some are better than others, and you deserve to rely on nothing other than the best. Manuka Honey UAF1000+ is going to offer you the definition of “best,” even if you aren’t sure of that yet. Take a look at 6 of the surprising health benefits that are waiting for you.


Top 6 health benefits to enjoy


Suppose you’re considering switching from your average grocery mart honey to something like New Zealand multifloral Manuka honey. In that case, you’ll be helping yourself to better-tasting honey, firstly, but also one that is loaded with surprising health benefits! Here are some of the most impressive ones:


1. A healthier alternative to sugar: While honey does have sugar in it, of course, it’s a great alternative to refined sugar that you often use for baking. Next time you’re making cookies for the little ones, or a cake for your partner’s birthday, substitute honey for your sugar content. You’ll still enjoy that subtle sweetness without the nose-wrinkling, over-the-top sickly sweet syrup taste you’re used to. Honey manages to make cookies taste better! Best of all, the kids will never know the difference.


2. Better protection from oxidative stress: The environment and food sources put oxidative stress on our bodies. Adding a spoonful (or 2) of delicious honey can help combat that and work preventatively to help protect you from further oxidative stress. 


3. Can help prevent blood clot formation: As we age, we naturally become more predisposed to blood clot formation. Often, this risk is heightened further by the medications that we take. Manuka honey can help your arteries dilate, which will help manage and increase blood flow. According to a recent study, this is believed to be connected to a reduced risk of blood clot formation. [1]


4. Offers fast and effective burn relief: Whether you scalded your hand by mistake or got a sunburn, Manuka honey is excellent support for helping relieve the inflammation, often taking the pain with it. It also helps protect your sensitive skin as it’s healing, too, since it’s antibacterial and antimicrobial! It usually works faster and soothes easier than coconut oil or aloe vera.


5.    A tastier, kid-approved alternative to cough syrup: If your child has a tickle in their throat or even a cough, you’ll most likely struggle to get them to take their cough syrup. Medicine that tastes like bubble gum is still medicine, after all. A spoonful of Manuka honey from New Zealand could not only work as good but better than traditional cough medicines when trying to help improve sleep during a nasty cough. [2] Plus, manuka honey can be used for as long as needed, whereas most cough syrups can be used only 5 days in a row before the risk to their liver becomes pronounced!


6.    Helps prevent and treat acne breakouts: Acne is as essential a health concern as any other skin concern! From teenage acne to stress-related breakouts as an adult, a dab of straight manuka honey on your problem areas, or used as a mask can help treat breakouts and even prevent them if used regularly. It also doubles as a lightweight and safe cleanser and moisturizer for the ultimate 2-in-1. 

Why is NZ manuka honey so strong?

Curious about what makes this NZ Manuka honey as strong as it is? It’s all in the environment from which it comes. New Zealand is naturally pollution-free and features strong, natural sources due to the hole in the ozone layer that hovers over NZ. Supercharged sources mean supercharged products, including the main active ingredient -- MGO. 

Another detail in Manuka honey is that it is sustainably sourced from traditional hives out in the bush rather than in artificially created farm designs where the bees, essentially, are prisoners. Bees are free to come and go and do as they please, just as it should be for the best honey.

Sourced, harvested, and certified within NZ, there is no chemical processing, no artificially added MGO, and no fillers that only work at diluting the strength of raw Manuka honey.

TURNER Manuka Honey UAF1000+ also further adds in Noel Turner’s seven sacred superfoods, which form UAF1000+. This infuses additional antioxidants and general nutritional value into the honey. All naturally sourced.

When you choose the right honey for your kitchen pantry, you’ll be able to enjoy all of these health benefits and more from one simple switch. Whether these were surprising to you or not, you have to admit that they’re pretty effective and certainly will look a whole lot better than the classic honey you’ve been using until now.





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