What are the Causes and Symptoms of Breast Cancer?

by Neha Nitu Ela Woman Neha

There are many factors which can cause Breast Cancer in women including age, Heredity, Density of Breast Tissues, Estrogen Level, Body weight etc. Breast Cancer has become one of the most common reasons of death in women these days. More so, around 10% patients of this cancer die before they reach 5th year.

Therefore, Many campaigns are being organized in order to spread awareness about Breast cancer symptoms and causes, which would help women to be alert before cancer, could reach at its advanced stage. 

Cancer in breast starts when the cells in the breast begin to grow uncontrollably. The cancerous cells can create a tumor, which is felt like a lump.

Although, the specific causes of breast cancer is not clear yet therefore, risk factors should be taken on a serious note. 

The risk of developing cancer increases with age and certain other Risk factors can contribute to the growth of cancer cells that include, Gene Mutation, Alcohol Intake, Family History of Breast Cancer, Dense Breast Tissue etc. The factors are explained further.

1. Genetic Factor

If any woman inherited BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene, is on a higher risk of developing cancer. On the other hand, the risk is even higher if a person close relative has had breast cancer.

2. History of Breast Cancer

Those who have history of breast cancer are prone to develop it again, comparing with those who have never had it.

3. Lifestyle Factor

Heavy smoking and Intake of alcohol over a long time can increase the risk of developing cancerous cells in women. In addition to it, people who take diet high in saturated fat are on higher risk too.

4. Obesity

People who have high level of Estrogen because of their weight are more prone to develop breast cancer. More so, if a woman gets grossly overweight after Menopause, is also on a higher risk.

5. Breast Tissue

Women have heavy breast tissues are more likely to develop cancerous cells inside her. Also, it is hard to detect lumps in them.

6. Reproductive History

Women who never became pregnant and those who conceived at an older age for their first child are also on a higher risk.

7. Menstrual History

Early age menstruation or late Menopause can increase the possibility of developing cancerous cells.

8. Radiation Treatment

Those who are exposed to radiation for any cancer treatment are more likely to develop cancerous cells later in life.

 9. Birth Control

Women using oral contraceptives can fuel to breast cancer growth. Women undergoing Hormone treatment wherein Birth control implants and intrauterine devices are used, risk of breast cancer is high.

10. Work Culture

As per a recent study, people who work during nights are more likely to develop breast cancer as compared to those who don’t.

According to the clinicians, breast cancer does not show any early signs in case of all the patients still few signs must not be ignored:

  •  Unusual change in shape or size
  • Pain in breast for a longer period
  • Any part of breast feels thicker of a lump felt inside
  • Breast may seem red or inflamed
  • Unusual swelling or skin irritation
  • Any swelling or lump around the collarbone or armpit
  • Unusual discharge from nipple without squeezing which is red,yellow or brown in color
  • Rashes in area surrounding nipple


Signs can be seen at a later stage:

  • If nipple turns inverted or it may look different
  • Pain in Vagina
  • Enlarged lymph nodes can be noticed
  • Abnormal change in skin texture dimpling or puckering
  • Enlargement of one breast
  • Abnormal weight loss
  • Any existing lump gets bigger


Proper precautions and preventive measures should be taken to prevent cancer at any stage.

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