Signs And Symptoms To Watch Out in Breast Cancer?

by John Twin Manager

Breast cancer has become a very common form of cancer which is affecting the female population at large. A breast lump or mass is considered to be one of the possible signs of breast cancer. Apart from this, it could cause many additional changes into the pattern of the skin present around the breast. Any person who notices any of these changes are suggested to visit a doctor at the earliest.

Breast cancer treatment is possible only after addressing the symptoms of the problem. In some cases, breast cancer might not show any symptoms at all. Your doctor shall identify a mass on a mammogram. Screening of breast cancer can help in the detection of the problem so that one might begin breast cancer treatment at the earliest and its treatable stage.

Below listed are some of the most common symptoms of breast cancer that you must always be well-aware about:

1. Changes in the Texture of the Skin:

Breast cancer can lead to changes and inflammation in the skin cells which could lead to change in the texture of the skin. You might witness a scaly skin around your nipple and areola as if the skin has become extremely dry and sunburned. Sometimes, the skin around the nipple could also become thick. All these changes may lead to the problem of itching. These changes in the skin may be symptomatic of rare breast cancer known as Paget’s disease. It needs to get addressed at once.

2. Discharge from the Nipple:

Breast cancer symptom also includes discharge from the nipple. This kind of discharge could be thin or thick and could range in terms of colour. It could be milky to yellow, and even green or red in colour. It is very normal for the ladies who are breastfeeding their babies to have a milky discharge from the nipples. However, if you are experiencing any other kind of nipple discharge, you must see your doctor for breast cancer treatment. 

3. Retraction or Inversion of the Nipple:

In many cases, breast cancer could lead to cell changes behind the nipple. These changes could result in the inverting or reversing of the nipple inward into your breast. Apart from this, your nipple could also appear to be different in terms of size.

4. Redness:

Breast cancer can also lead to various changes in the colour of the skin. It may make your skin appear discoloured and even bruised in some of the cases. The skin may become red or purple in terms of appearance and could have a bluish tint. You must take the discoloration of your skin seriously.

5. Swelling:

Breast cancer could lead to the entire breast or even an area of the breast to swell. There might not be a distinct lump after the swelling. However, the breast could be different in terms of the size than the other breast. Although it is very much possible for the people to have breasts which are slightly different in terms of size with each other, this swelling could lead to a change from the usual size of the breast.

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