What are pre-surgery and post-surgery guidelines in case of ICL and LASIK surgery?

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Implantable Collamer Lens Surgery that is commonly referred to as ICL is a medical procedure in which artificial lenses are permanently implanted in the eyes of the patient. Unlike the regular contact lenses that the person has to remove and wear again and again, in this surgery, the lenses are placed in the eyes permanently and they do not have to be removed which makes the lives of the people who get this surgery done much more convenient and hassle-free than those who have to wear regular contact lenses or spectacles. The lenses themselves are just like contact lenses and the only difference is that they are permanently placed in the person’s eyes for the correction of the vision that is long-term. These lenses work with the natural lens of the eyes to improve the vision. To insert these lenses, a tiny incision in the cornea is made and then the lenses are placed and inserted between the natural lens of the eye and cornea.

Before the surgery, there is a pre-procedure that is known as Iridotomy. Iridotomy is performed two weeks before the actual surgery. After the lCL surgery is performed the patient will be required to continue using the eye drops for some days so as to ensure that there is no dryness or irritation in the eye. The difference in visual quality can be immediately observed by the patient after the surgery is performed. Although both the eyes can be operated at the same time, doctors usually perform the surgery on one eye at a time with a gap of 2 to 4 weeks in between.

On the day the patients have to undergo iridotomy, they have to avoid applying any makeup, creams or lotions on their face and especially around their eyes and avoid any form of make-up even after the procedure is performed so as to avoid any irritation or reaction. If the patient has diabetes it is important to discuss the problem with your surgeon beforehand regarding their insulin intake and the effects that the surgery might have on them. It is also advised that the patient wears something comfortable on the day of the surgery and avoid wearing pullovers, turtlenecks, or t-shirts and jewellery as it would cause inconvenience while removing them.

After the main surgery is performed, the patients are advised to refrain from rubbing their eyes and wearing the protective shield to cover their eyes while sleeping for a period of at least two weeks, which will prevent them from rubbing their eyes accidentally while sleeping.

Patients are to avoid the direct sunlight and wear shades for at least a week after the surgery.

Patients are also advised to avoid washing their face or hair or using any product near the eyes for at least three days as it might cause irritation in the eye.

It is also advised that they avoid any rigorous physical activities and exercises that include, weightlifting, swimming, yoga and aerobics, for at least four weeks after the main surgery is performed and sexual activity for at least one or two weeks.

Patients are advised to avoid hot tubs as the steam might also cause irritation in the eyes. 

Patients are also to avoid bending over for at least two to four days after the surgery is performed.

It is also advised that they avoid using any eye makeup for at least two weeks after the surgery and after that, avoid using their old eye makeup as it may contain bacteria.  Patients are advised to religiously apply the eye drops that are given to them after the surgery and also take any medication that is prescribed by the doctor so as to ensure that no problems occur.

It will take around two to four weeks for the patient to fully recover from the surgery and return to normal activities and routines after the surgery is performed and the eyes will completely heal after the period of two to three months. People between the age of twenty-one and forty-five are considered good candidates for the surgery.


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