How do cochlear Implants help in hearing?

by Niraj Jayaswal Content Writer

The cochlea is the hearing part of the inner ear that receives the sound in the form of vibration to be sent to the brain. It is situated in the temporal bone. Damage to the cochlea can typically cause hearing loss which is permanent in nature. Getting cochlear implants is one of the best ways of helping the person retain his or her hearing capabilities again. A cochlear implant directly stimulates the auditory nerve by bypassing the damaged portion of the ear, unlike a hearing aid that amplifies the sound that can be then detected by the damaged ear.

It helps those people that have moderate to profound hearing loss in both ears, receive little or no benefit from hearing aids, score 50% or less on sentence recognition tests done by hearing professionals in the ear to be implanted and score 60% or less on sentence recognition tests done by hearing professionals in the non-implanted ear or in both ears with hearing aids.

The children and adults who are completely deaf or severely hard of hearing can get the cochlear implants fitted from a professional, Adults that have lost all or most of their hearing at a much later stage in their lives can also get the cochlear implants fitted and benefit from them. It must be made clear that the role of the implant is not to restore normal hearing, but to give a useful representation of sounds in the environment to the person who requires the help.

A cochlear implant is an electronic medical device that is small and rather complex and consists of a microphone that has the duty of picking up the sound from the environment, the sound that has been picked up by the microphone is then sent to the speech processor that selects and arranges the sounds, then a transmitter and a receiver or a stimulator receives the signals from the speech processor and converts them into electrical impulses and then impulses from the stimulator are collected by electrode array and sent to the different regions of the auditory nerve. Signals that are generated by the cochlear implants are sent via the auditory nerve to the brain, which recognizes those signals as sound. The implant consists of two portions. One portion is placed under the skin and the other portion that is the external portion sits behind the ear.

Cochlear implants require a surgical procedure as well as significant therapy which help the patient learn or relearn the sense of hearing. It must be noted that different individuals perform at different levels as they benefit differently from the implants and the performance of the cochlear implants depends upon the patients a lot as it requires the active participation of the patients as well. Surgical implants are safe to have, but the decision of getting the implants must be very well thought out and must have been made rather carefully and with the help of the experts in the field that know what they are doing and that is precisely why one should get the implants in Delhi as there are highly skilled and trained doctors in Delhi that help make the patients choose rather wisely and in the way that is most beneficial for the health of the patient. In Delhi, one can find ENT specialists who are highly trained and experienced and they will help in not only making the decision of whether to proceed with the surgery or not but will also provide the best treatment suggestions and help the patients through the surgery as well. The thing about getting cochlear implants is that the patients who get the implants also require therapy and also it takes some time to get used to the implants that is why the doctors in India provide such services that help the patients after the surgery as well. The after-surgery care in Delhi is the best as the doctors here are highly experienced and have already dealt with hundreds of such cases before and left all the patients satisfied with the surgery as well as the therapy. Delhi, therefore, is the best place to get the cochlear implant fitted. The services that are provided here are the best.


Thus Delhi is the best place for getting the cochlear implants. You will find the best ENT doctors in Delhi who are highly trained and experienced. The best ENT specialists in Delhi NCR recommend cochlear implants to most of their patients and highly praise their effectiveness.

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