Lung Cancer, Surgery, Post-Surgery Discomfort, and Risks

by Jitender Kumar SEO Consultant

The rapid growth of cancerous cells in the lung tissues is called lung cancer. Different types of surgeries are used to remove this cancer.  The type of surgery depends on the type of cancer, affected area by cancer, and stage of cancer.

Patient of lung cancer is required to follow the instructions by their surgeon. These instructions can be related to pre-surgery precaution and post-surgery precautions. One more thing is patients need to strict about the check-ups and treatment. Avoidance may lead to major lung issues.

Lung cancer surgeries: Below mentioned surgeries lung cancer surgeries are based on position, conditions, and size-

1. Segmentectomy: This surgery is used for the small size lung cancer. Generally in this cancer surgery, the surgeon removes small cancer affected part along with some extra tissue. The extra tissues which are removed are just for the safety margin to protect the rest of the lung from the redevelopment of cancerous cells. This specific type of lung cancer surgery is done in cases where lobectomy cannot be performed by the surgeons due to some reasons.

2. Lobectomy: There are two lobes in the left lung and three in the right lung in each body.  Lobectomy is the surgery in which the surgeon removes the affected lobe completely. Rest of the lobes support the function of the lung.  For a successful lobectomy, you need to consult with a highly experience lung cancer surgeon. Approaching the most reliable lung cancer surgery in Faridabad can be the right decision. There you may find the experienced, educated, and expert surgeons to treat you or your patient.

3. Pneumonectomy: This surgery is done to handle the most critical lung cancer cases. In this surgery, the surgeon removes the entire lung to save the patient’s life. This surgery is done so rarely, depending on the condition of the patient. The post-surgery patient may feel several difficulties to survive as the lung functioning will be very slow.

4. Sleeve resection: The removal of cancer affected bronchus is called sleeve resection. In this surgery, the doctor re-connects the healthy ends of the bronchus.

Smoking, drinking alcohol, illegal drug intake, beverage, and more are some habits which are part of the modern lifestyle. Due to these habits, maximum cases of lung cases are registered. A healthy lifestyle can make you perfectly ready for any type of lifestyle. You don’t have to get involved in these habits. 

Treatment is available to defeat every disease. People who have money they can avail it but needy people will have to survive with critical condition. In maximum cases post-surgery also patients complain about some discomfort such as pain and breathing difficulties. Also, there are some risks mentioned below:

  • Chances of the infection development

  • Sudden bleeding

  • A continues air leakage

  • Pain and other risks to heart, chest, lung, and blood vessel

Lung surgeries are performed after anesthesia. So the risks due to anesthesia can also irritate the patient. So it doesn’t mean that it can afford a treatment then you can invite the disease by bad habits. You will have to bear the sufferings of pain, discomfort, and inconvenience, after spending a lot. So live a healthy life and if you are already a lung cancer patient then stop these habits right now.

 Dr. Shival Vatsal is known for successfully doing several lung surgeries. Patients residing in Delhi NCR may easily consult with him for lung cancer treatment.

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