What a Professional Barista Needs To Know About Coffee Grinder?

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If you own a coffee shop or espresso cafe then it’s important to have a quality coffee grinder, because it will keep on supporting your staff throughout the day to grind perfect coffee. There are many times when you need to adjust them so that if there is any problem you can handle the situation yourself. 

For this, it’s important to have the idea about coffee grinder parts. You can choose a grinder that is made from a natural material, because it doesn’t transfer metal taste to the coffee and also releases the essential oils inside the coffee bean. There are some important things that you need to know about the coffee grinder. 

  • Coffee Grinder – Body 
    The body of the coffee grinder makes the grinder heavy and the electric motor of the grinder is housed in the base. The larger the motor the more will be torque with low speed, thus, the coffee bean can be ground without being overheated and if they are overheated then they may lose their flavour. So, the large motor is important for keeping the beans from getting overheated. 

  • Loading Bay, Doser, and Temper 
    The loading bay of the most coffee grinder is near the base, in front of the body. For easy loading, you will need the group handle. After putting the group handle in the loading bay, pull the doser level. A doseris only present in the commercial coffee grinder, not in the home grinder. As for the proper functioning of the doser, you need to grind more coffee. In a coffee grinder, temper helps in maintaining the quantity of the grounded coffee and you will find it above the loading bay. 

  • The Chamber
    The chamber is the most essential part where the grounding is done. It’s just above the base and at the bottom of the chamber you will find the dosing mechanism. It’s a cylindrical disk that is rotating. It has generally triangular dosing compartments, and the grounded coffee will fill the dosing compartments. 

  • The Collar 
    The collar controls the distance between the grinding wheels, and it’s also responsible for the granularity of the coffee beans.  The collar is generally disk-shaped and by adjusting it you can change the shape of grounds. There is a release button on the collar that helps in changing the grind. 

  • The Hopper 
    The hopper holds the coffee beans that are to be grounded. In a commercial coffee grinder, you will find hopper that will hold the amount of coffee to meet the large demand at commercial centers. 

These are some different parts of a coffee grinder. So, once you know about the several coffee grinder parts then you will be able to communicate with a technician in any chance your grinder faces any problem.

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