How to Keep Your Commercial Coffee Machine Properly Maintained

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A coffee machine is a device that is generally used once or several times a day for the purpose of preparing coffee. Due to the frequency of its use, it can wear out very quickly. For preventing this, it is necessary to know how to provide proper maintenance for it. In this article, we will discuss useful tips for maintaining your coffee machine.


It is essential to keep the commercial espresso machine and coffee grinder neat and clean. And you should do a routine cleaning of your coffee machine every day after closing it. Cleaning your coffee machine takes less than 10 minutes from start to finish.

A well-maintained coffee machine guarantees a good quality drink and if you take good care of your machine, it will always remain like new even after a month and save you the expense of buying one sooner than necessary. It is ideal to find one of the best wholesale coffee suppliers for buying the cleaning and maintenance tools to keep your coffee machine clean.

Steps to Clean a Commercial Coffee Machine

  • You can use a blind filter to flush out your machine's internal system. It involves back-flushing water and cleaning solution through your machine. It helps to remove old coffee oils that can build up in the machine.
  • After that use a cloth to wipe down your machine's steam wands and unscrew the tip of each wand for removing milk from the inside of the cylinder.
  •  Also, remove your grinder hoppers and wash for removing the chaff, thoroughly dry the hopper before installing back on the grinder.
  •  Unscrew the ground handle, filter basket, and showerheads and place these parts in a container filled with a mixture of cleaning solution and water and leave them to soak overnight.
  • Also, remove the drip trays and wash them and leave to dry overnight.

Back-Flushing Your Coffee Machine

Cleaning your commercial coffee machine by back-flushing is a simple process. The best thing about this process is that it helps assist in the removal of coffee oil in the group heads and internal workings. It doesn't matter how much time you spend wiping down your coffee machine's exterior components, the quality of your product will start to depreciate if you neglect its internal components.

Dismantling Your Coffee Machine

Taking your coffee machine aside might sound like a hassle, but it's essential for getting the best cleaning results. For disinfecting your coffee machine properly, be sure to remove the following components so they can be soaked and removed.

  • Bean hopper
  • Internal chamber
  • Filter baskets
  •  Group handle
  • Groups head
  •  Shower screen
  • Drip trays

Different coffee machine's models come with various parts, but the above-mentioned list of items is included with most commercial coffee machines.

Sterilizing Your Stem Wands

Removing scorched milk from your coffee machine's steam wands is the trickiest aspect involved with the cleaning process. Wiping down the outside of a steam wand might make it look clean, but there could still be milk stuck in the inside of the cylinder.

For ensuring your coffee doesn't taste like sour milk, here are some steps to clean your steam wands:

  •  Wipe down the outside of the steam wand with a cloth.
  • Unscrew the tip of the band and make sure the end of the wand is free and clear.
  • Replace the end of the wand, clean wants for ensuring all blockages have been removed.


Keeping your coffee machine maintained and spotless is easy with the right cleaning equipment. You can find one of the best wholesale coffee suppliers for taking the hassle out of cleaning your coffee machine.

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