Sustainable Specialty Medium-Roasted FTO Espressos For Barista-Style Coffee

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Beans can really make or break your coffee. Nothing, not even the best timing, the finest machine, or the steadiest hand, will be able to salvage the taste of an espresso made from inferior beans. On the other hand, with good beans, you’ll be hailed as the best barista on the block - your friends will be hollering for that second cup in no time! That’s not to say that skill has nothing to do with it, but hey, even the best barista in town had to start somewhere, even if that “somewhere” involved really good beans.

If you’re looking to claim that position for yourself, then check out GoCoffeeGo’s fair-trade organic espressos! Provided in a nice, medium roast that gives you the richness of dark roasts and the creaminess of light roasts, these top-quality specialty coffees not only taste great, but they’re grown using the best practices possible, leading to one sustainable cup of Joe!

Want to get a little creative with these espressos? Visit to learn more about what you can do with them!

Of course, there are plenty of other reasons to choose specialty coffee over regular commodity coffee. Specialty coffee is often synonymous with higher wages and better living conditions for farmers, which is why GoCoffeeGo aims to uplift niche roasters and smaller farmers and producers by making their products more accessible to consumers. The latest update to its inventory reflects this goal by introducing novel varieties of coffee originating from smallholder farms.

Want coffee with a bit of girl power? The newest addition to GoCoffeeGo’s collection of fair-trade organic espressos is the Honduras Organic GEA Women’s Espresso, which is roasted by Barefoot Coffee Roasters. This single-origin coffee is produced on various traceable, women-owned farms across Honduras. In a male-dominated industry, no less! These ladies are a force to be reckoned with!

But that’s not all. Timber and fruits are planted alongside the coffee plants in these farms to improve moisture retention, increase shade, and promote the development of microclimates, ultimately leading to less soil erosion, improved pollination, natural pest control, and more habitats for native birds. They’ve got it all figured out. Who needs chemical pesticides and artificial embankments when nature can just do the job for you?

And there’s still more! These farming practices also bolster the taste of the coffee that is produced, as growing the plants beneath shade slows the maturation of the fruit, allowing it to develop a more complex flavor. The end result is an espresso with a velvety body and notes of stone fruits, green apples, and toffee.

That sounds tasty, right? And it’s versatile too. The Honduras Organic GEA Women’s Espresso can be enjoyed in shots or used as a base for milk- and cream-based beverages, such as cappuccinos, café breve, and espresso con panna.

Another FTO and bird-friendly espresso that GoCoffeeGo offers is the Songbird Blend. This is a low-acid espresso with a rich, creamy body, where the washed beans contribute to a clean taste and notes of vanilla and milk chocolate. It’d taste great in a mocha!

Tony’s Coffee, winner of the America’s Best Espresso award and the provider of the roast, is known for its focus on ethical and environmentally friendly producers. Its roasters work closely with their partners to develop sustainable, high-quality coffees, meaning they get paid living wages, you get great-tasting coffee, and the environment flourishes. Lovely!

GoCoffeeGo’s catalog includes a number of other coffees of various roast types, origins, and vendors. Having been in business for more than a decade, GoCoffeeGo remains committed to its goal of providing its customers with premium gourmet coffee sourced from reputable vendors.

They’ve definitely fulfilled their goal, which is why their customers keep coming back for more. How about you? Are you ready to fulfill your goal of becoming the best barista in town? GoCoffeeGo can help you make it happen. Just grab a bag of any one of their medium-roasted espressos - you won’t regret it!

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