Wet massing with both competitors running at high speed

by Aesha Ahuja Pharma Machinery Manufacturers

The rapid mixer granulator implements for high-speed distribution of dry particles, aqueous or judge granulation, and actual events and runs palletization.


Wet granulation is a reasonable step in the creation of several solid dosage pharmaceuticals. Wet granulation can be done in a mixer granulator. A fixed impeller makes the powder while a liquid binder is applied onto a starting powder bed. 


Rapid Mixer Granulator manufacturer and supplier offer unique mixing and uniform granules at more economical running cost along with higher power. Better mix-up and close switch of granule size lead to more active tableting projects with enhanced status and least rejections.

The granulation is conventionally performed in the next method progress:


Processing of dry material at high impeller and chopper plans for a few minutes. Development of the liquid binder by leaving it on to the powder, while both the impeller and chopper are working at a low speed.


Wet massing with both competitors running at high speed.


Impellers: Impellers are built at the rear of the dome-shaped stainless-steel bowl. It has full space and two half-length edges. Impellers are created in such a way that little knife lifts the focus and full-length edges promote the matter to mix thoroughly. These impellers split up the wet piece into small pieces and granules.


Chopper: These are specially designed small knives located at the back of the roof. The primary purpose of the rapid mixer is to win the lumps into smaller pieces those are mixed both by the impeller and maintains the bowl or sprinkled onto the scraps to create a more uniform liquid flow. It turns at a high rate (1440/2880) RPM to give smooth and consistent granulation. The pace of chopper is responsible for the size of the granule. Chopper does not possess any significant effect on the granule size when impeller rate is significant (above 200 RPM).


Discharge Port: The current port is placed horizontally into the top with a perpendicular downhole. Granules are cast in the case within the flow port. Opening of the flow port is operated by a pneumatic automobile that needs 3-5 kg/cm2 load of compress time.


Working Principle: The Rapid Mixer Granulator is used for dry blending, wet mixing, construction of dough and granulation, i.e. beginning of the watery portion into small size granules. It works on the basic principle of confusion of the contents of the bowl at medium speed and then running a broadly profiled cutter blade at high rates into the wet mass.


Subtle mixing takes about 3-5 minutes to blend the ingredients; wet mixture takes 5-10 minutes to get the damp mass of matter while the granulation process takes 5-10 minute to 0.5 mm to 1.5 mm sized granules.


Mixing time involved in processing depends upon the ingredient’s size and their trash size.



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