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by Tran Cong SEO
In order to have a beautiful wedding photo set, factors such as the environment, the photographer, ... are very important, however, the most important factor is still the two main characters, the bride and groom.

But to be able to take beautiful wedding photos is not easy when the bride and groom are not professional models. Most brides and grooms are shy, not used to expressing each other's feelings in front of many people, the photography is sometimes rigid, stereotyped under the direction of the photographer. So how to get a beautiful, quality wedding photos without having to spend too much effort.

Design 1 - wedding photography showing off an engagement ring

You can make wedding photography less stressful by showing off your wedding ring or engagement ring. Although this is just a picture of the moment the two of you hold hands, it can also express the two people's feelings for each other.

Pose 2 - Wedding photos and emotional hugs

The bride and groom's emotional hugs are also one of the beautiful poses. The groom just needs to gently hug the bride around the waist to have a beautiful photo without acting too much.

Design 3 - Basic style

This is the style that often appears in wedding photo albums, in the photo, the bride and groom stand side by side.

One thing to note so that the photo is not too awkward is that the couple should hold hands or hold their waist, should not drop their hands on the sides, which will make the photo unbalanced and unnatural when taking wedding photos.

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Shape 4 - forehead encounter

In addition to the photos with romantic kiss scenes, the face-to-face style is also the pose to make the wedding photo of the couple more romantic and beautiful.

To make the photo even more awesome, close your eyes to avoid feeling the two are staring at each other. If the bride and groom have a difference in height, adjust so that the main character can be the same or close.

Pose 5 - Pose with kiss

In this pose, there will be 2 small poses that you can apply when taking a wedding photo: preparing to kiss and kiss.

For the shape of preparing to kiss: The bride and groom stand close to each other, then the groom slowly lifts the bride's chin, possibly touching each other lightly. You should both relax your body, or you can joke with each other a few sentences to make the picture look the most natural.

Kissing style: This is the photo that shows the most passionate and emotional of couples. Therefore, the two of you do not need to be too rigid because many couples often fall into a situation where the lips are touching but quite awkward. When taking this shot, relax your body, close your eyes, and kiss as usual when you show each other's feelings.

Other types of kissing: In addition to lips kiss, you can also take wedding photos with other kiss poses such as kissing on the nose, kissing on the forehead, kissing on the cheek, ...

Pose 6 - Nose-to-nose posing

Or can be called another "nose kiss", this special kiss originated from the Eskimos, where touching the nose is also a way to kiss, express affection. Hence, this kiss is also known as an Eskimo-style kiss. The Eskimo kiss has a pretty lovely meaning that "I / you love you very much and are very happy".

7th pose - side by side

One of the most popular wedding photography designs is to take pictures while lying side by side. With this pose, the couple will lie on the opposite side, face each other, smile naturally.

The pose is not too restrictive, so you may or may not be able to look at the lens while shooting. However, relax to get the most natural expression possible.

Other shooting styles for more information

  • Leaning against each other: A shot suitable for couples with a height difference.
  • Lying on each other's lap: Showing the peace but sweetness in your feelings.
  • Whispering secrets: This is one of the most charming and lovable acts that only couples can fully show its charisma.
  • Arms together, back together.
  • Dance together, dance.
  • The groom or the bride hugs the other person from behind: Shows protection and protection for each other.
  • Performing funny, goofy acts together.
  • The two hug each other, but only the bride looks at the camera.
  • Walking together.
  • The bride sits on the groom's lap.
  • Above are some pretty simple but not too awkward wedding photography designs that "amateurs" can do to get the best wedding photos. Wish couples will have charming and impressive wedding photos.

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