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The 3-day holiday period is not too long, so many families choose nearby places to relax. Traveling by car is also the number 1 choice to save time. For families with an extra four-legged friend, to enjoy a picnic, enjoy a convenient, safe and enjoyable atmosphere, experts from Chevrolet have tipped off some tips.

Before setting off

Make sure your pets are fully vaccinated and, depending on where you are going, need more vaccinations to avoid new pathogens like canine Lyme disease. Search and store the number of a veterinarian in case of emergency.

In case you and your pet get lost (hopefully not) bring a new photo of them with you. It is also a good idea to give your dog a necklace with your phone number on it. Remember not to let your dog out of the car without wearing a collar, tag, or leash.

Traveling with dogs

Not all dogs can adapt to road trips, so it's best to have them practice a few times before a big trip.

Leash or lock up dogs on car trips for their safety and yours. Options include leashes, pet bags, and cargo barriers. The SUVs have a spacious cargo compartment that holds a medium-sized pet bag, and customers can also use the dedicated pet chains in the rear seats. Even if your pets look at you with sad eyes, never let them sit next to you while driving because they can seriously injure or die when the airbag inflates. For large dogs, it is best to keep them in the luggage compartment. Consider adding an optional luggage tray to keep the floor lining clean.

As with children, you cannot leave a pet alone in the car. When the weather is hot, even with the windows open, a parked car can heat abnormally in a short time, causing your dog to go into heat shock. Furthermore, unattended pets can be stolen. If you happen to see a suffocated pet in the back of a closed vehicle, be an animal-loving citizen and warn the authorities or the animal control team if you are unaware where is the car owner.

If your dog is constantly frightened and barking repeatedly, let him nibble on a toy or food to temporarily distract his anxiety. Chewing and licking are great for dogs and can help your pet relax. An SUV is a perfect way to travel with pets as it offers plenty of storage compartments for pet toys and food.

Search for pet-friendly restaurants, hotels, and parks on your travels so you can enjoy your trip together wherever you are.

One tip to ending the journey happily is that once you have reached the destination, take your dog for a walk on the leash to help reduce "foot flutter" and relax after sitting in the car for a long time. Even a well-trained dog may feel uncomfortable in an unfamiliar place.

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Traveling with cats

Remove these items from the list before you travel with cats:

Like when traveling with a dog, use a pet bag or cargo barrier. Unrestrained pets can be injured in a collision or possibly injure another passenger in the vehicle.

Familiarize your car by allowing the cat to rub its cheeks and spread its scent. Or try putting a cushion, blanket, or towel you use or use in the car.

Consider bringing portable trash cans, collapsible food bowls, and cat first aid kits. An old cat scratching post that you have not bothered to throw away can also help cats relax in the car.

To avoid dehydration, especially on summer trips, freeze a bowl of water so your cat can lick it cool. This way will be less messy than carrying water.

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