Temperature and humidity sensor in rooms, outdoors

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If you are in need of measuring factors such as humidity and temperature in the room, outdoors, glass room, ... to preserve foods or other types of clean rooms, we will need to use Use sensor to measure humidity and temperature. Unlike other handhelds we can only take measurements at a certain time. But with the line of sensors measuring humidity and temperature on the other hand, they have the ability to continuously measure and perform well the most accurate monitoring tasks for us.

What is a temperature and humidity sensor?

Before entering the main content, we will together learn the basics of this sensor line first. Humidity and temperature sensor or humidity sensor for short is a device capable of measuring the humidity as well as the temperature of the air. Usually will be used indoors or outdoors. The sensor will have 2 separate output signals of humidity rH and temperature signal, we can connect these outputs to various types of display and PLC for easy control.

I would like to introduce to you the line of humidity sensors from Switzerland and Sweden, these are 2 sensor lines used quite popularly today in Vietnam. My line of humidity and temperature sensors are originated from Europe, so the quality and ability to meet the job are very good. Moreover, with the sales policy and warranty, you can rest assured when choosing to buy.

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In which environments do humidity and temperature sensors work well?

As I have shared above, this sensor line will be able to measure two physical quantities, namely the temperature and humidity of the normal air environment. They are usually installed and used in glass rooms, clean rooms, where food and foodstuffs, agricultural products, and vegetables are stored ... Besides, we can also use them in outdoor environment easily.

In clean room or storage room applications, allowable humidity measurements are required. However, we cannot monitor them continuously, we have to use sensors. This equipment is permanently installed and continuously measured to transmit the most suitable signal to the humidity and temperature control devices in the back room. The sensor will have analog output 4-20ma for humidity and RTD for temperature.

The most common applications are:

  • On the scientific side of the study, the sensor measures humidity along with other environmental sensors, used in weather stations where meteorologists collect environmental data for weather / climate studies. and provide weather forecast.
  • Control humidity in material and commodity warehouses to prevent mold growth.
  • Greenhouses, saunas, museums and incubators also use a hygrometer to ensure that the amount of air humidity is at a level suitable for plants, animals, people and in enclosed areas.
  • A more complicated use case is to combine a hygrometer with temperature and pressure sensors for use in HVAC systems to keep the building at comfortable temperature and air quality. the best.

Finnish humidity sensor:

I would like to introduce to you the series of sensors measuring humidity and temperature in Finland. This is a line of measuring sensors manufactured by Produal and imported by me to supply the Vietnamese market today. Compared to other lines, the price of this sensor line will be much more reasonable as well as there may be many more useful functions. More specifically, this sensor line can also be optionally added with a built-in screen so that we can easily observe depending on the application we need.

Swedish temperature and humidity sensor:

This is the first humidity sensor series I want to introduce to you, this line originated from the Swedish firm VCP. Our equipment has been provided for quite a while on the market today.

Swiss temperature and humidity sensor:

This line of temperature and humidity sensors has been imported recently to replace the above line that I just introduced. This line will not have a display like the one above, however we can order it to get the display type. The price of the Belimo-Swiss moisture meter will be better and more accessible than the Swedish line.

The display of humidity and temperature value:

If you are using the humidity and temperature measuring devices that I just introduced above, you should be equipped with a separate external display. Because sensors with built-in screens are difficult to observe due to the small screen, the position is not suitable for observation. Equipped with a removable screen, we can place the screen in a place that is easier to observe and can be used to control other devices such as an exhaust fan easily.

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