Ways to get the most out of your car

by Lata T. Writer

Unless you aren't immensely rich, you would probably be owning a car that's at least a couple of years old, or sometimes even a used vehicle. Then the chances are, your car wouldn't be giving out its maximum potential. It may be in the case of mileage, performance, or even power.

Whatever it is, you would want to see your car doing better on the road. And it is actually possible if you follow some particular tips. Don't really believe this?

Synthetic oil

Synthetic oils aren't the same as dinosaur juice. Rather, they are typically man-made and are usually derived from natural gas or alcohol. However, a lot of chemicals gets mixed into these before they land at your local stores. But they necessarily don't have undesirable contaminants in them. And most importantly, are stable at variable temperatures. That is, they don't thicken during cold weather, or become thin during hot weather.

Advantages of synthetic oils include consistency. Synthetic oils can transfer heat comfortably and this, in turn, helps in cooling the engine down.

Synthetic oils are more resistant to shearing, and breakdowns compared to conventional oils. The drain interval for synthetic oils can extend from 10,000 to 12,000 miles.

Yet another way through which synthetic oils save the users money is through improved fuel economy. Some synthetic oils can literally boost up the engine's performance by around 2% to 3%.

Air filters

Air filters play an important role in protecting your car's engine from all the mud and leave that stick to the area surrounding the number plate. Without better air filters, the dead insects, and grime get into your engine causing a massive destruction.

Thus, it is always preferred that the air filters are changed within the time period as mentioned in the user manual. Sometimes, you will have to change them frequently if you derive in dusty conditions. A proper air filter can always help your vehicle run longer and express its maximum potential.

Oil filters

This little organ, the size of a bowl is really an integral part 9f your vehicle. The oil that circulates across your vehicle's engine is made free from impurities by these mini organs. If these oil filters tend to stop doing what they are supposed to do, then your vehicle is going to get in big trouble.

Because the sludge and dirt that accumulates in the engine oil needs to sieve out in order for the engine to work efficiently. You could either change the oil filter or clean it after frequent intervals.


Gas costs about $4 per gallon, and you don't always have to buy a new vehicle get a better mileage. Using better gas, and driving at a consistent speed without having to use brakes will help improve the mileage to a great extent.

No one in this world buys a brand new vehicle in a year or two. Chances are we do some maintenance work, and keeps on using our car. But all the maintenance is not going to erase the fact that the car and its engine is ageing. Older engines tend to wear out easily. And in such cases, the use of synthetic oil, and the above-mentioned methods would be of greater help, as it prevents wearing away. It also provides protection for the critical engine components that are really important for your vehicle to run on the road.

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