Ways To Get Much Better In Bed For Men

by Jiiang Lui professional writer

Summary: Do you want to be exceptional in bed? Then you’re in the right place. Here you’ll find a few useful pieces of information that’ll improve your capabilities.

Ask any man, and they’ll say they want to be exceptional in bed. It isn’t just about having good sex, but great sex that satisfies your partner entirely before, during, and after the act. Unfortunately, things don’t feel “mind-blowing” every time. Intercourse quality differs based on several factors, from mood to energy level to location.

Then again, attempting to become better in bed is, of course, a noble pursuit. After all, healthy sex life can be beneficial to all parties involved. The quality can be better if you introduce a Hismith Premium Sex Machine, but pleasure devices aren’t always mandatory.

The biggest mistake

Before getting into the details, there’s one mistake you need to know about so that you never make it. According to the dealers of the Hismith Premium Sex Machine, focusing singularly on the sexual act is an absolute no-no. Emotional connectivity should never be an afterthought. Communication and connection are crucial elements, even if they happen in the form of “dirty talk.”


As mentioned above, communication is a mission-critical aspect of every satisfying sexual encounter. Discuss your preferences and desires with your partner. You can choose to talk about it beforehand or leverage body language to guide your partner to what feels best. Don’t forget to ask about their preferences, likes, and dislikes, either.

Use your mouth

You can also rely on your hands or your torso, apart from your mouth. You can even put your feet to work if your partner prefers that sort of thing! The objective is to diversify the experience because standard penetrative sex isn’t suitable for delivering sexual satisfaction to all parties. Researchers have evidence that a woman needs various types of sexual stimulation to orgasm.

Take your time

No matter what you do, avoid rushing the experience at all costs. Pay attention to other parts of your partner’s body as you go down. Tease them while warming them up simultaneously. There’s no point in zeroing in on the clitoris and going to town when you have the entire area at your disposal to wet. After building up the tension, increase the firmness and speed gradually. Remember to check the signs of overstimulation or if your partner wants more.


According to experts, “presence” is one of the hottest things you can bring to the bedroom. You must focus on your partner intentionally. Give them your undivided and uninterrupted attention. Stay in the moment as much as possible. “Presence” refers to staying in the moment completely with the body, mind, and soul. There shouldn’t be any room for distractions or restlessness.

Prioritize the pleasure points

The results of a survey conducted on 1,055 straight women aged between eighteen and ninety-four were published in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy. The results were indeed astonishing. Only eighteen percent of the participants claimed they orgasm from intercourse alone. About thirty-seven percent stated that clitoral stimulation was mandatory for them. Conversely, thirty-six percent said they’d want their orgasms to not happen during intercourse.

What does this prove? It tells you that the human body is an incredible vehicle for orgasm. Some women get it through clitoral stimulation, while others prefer the G-spot. A few women even enjoy cervical stimulation – something you can achieve only via deep penetration. Also, numerous women say anal penetration works for them better than anything else. In other words, there are several ways of helping a woman reach an orgasm.

One last tip

While there’s much to share about becoming better in bed, this topic has reached its limit. Nonetheless, before wrapping things up, here’s one more tip for you. You should move the act of having sex outside the bedroom once in a while. Get it on in the living room or enter the shower together. Small changes in the routine can have a significant impact on your sexual attitudes.

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