Ways to Protect Your Car Paint – Explained 12 ways in Details

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The paint and exterior look of your vehicle defines how long it will accompany its owner. The exterior of the car is considered one of the most important parts as it provides the image of the vehicle. People spend a huge amount of money on the maintenance of their car, but one just needs to follow very few simple tips to make sure that they provide the best care to the car even at their homes.

12 Tips to take care of your car’s paint

1.       Avoid scribbling with fingers on the car’s paint or glass surface

People often find drawing and scribbling on the dusty surface of the car as fun, but this joyous activity proves to be very harmful to the car surface. The dust particles along with your fingers act like sandpaper grinding the dust directly to your car’s paint surface which damages the protective layer of the car paint.

2.       Wash and clean your vehicle regularly

Cleaning your vehicle regularly eliminates all the unwanted dust and bird-droppings from the exterior of your car’s body.

3.       Use paint protection

People sometimes prefer using paint sealants for the protection of their car’s paint, but these sealants do not go on for a very long time. As a car owner, you should always consider reactive polymer treatment for protecting your car’s exterior paint.

4.       Wax or use protection treatments

Waxing of the car exterior surface is a very cumbersome task, as it needs to be done very often. The paint protection treatments can serve to be a very beneficial better option for the car owners as they just need to be applied once in the car’s lifetime.

5.       Hand dry the exterior

When you hand-dry the washed surface of your car’s exterior you make sure that all the chemicals present in water are dried and removed from the paint surface. The chemicals present in the water when combined with sunlight cause heavy damage to the car’s paint.

6.       Synthetic coating for the surface paint

The synthetic coating method is considered to be the most effective car paint protection technology. One just needs to have a reactive polymer or ceramic protection treatment once and it goes on for a very long time.

7.       Do not polish, use paint protection technology

As a car owner polishing your car is a crucial task, but it consumes a large chunk of time from your schedule. Although, you can always rely on paint protection technologies for efficient protection of your car’s exterior.

8.       Keep your vehicle covered

Vehicle covers are a very useful tool to protect your car’s paint but you need to use a good quality cover. Also never cover your car when exposed to sunlight.

9.       Regularly check the car fluid levels

The fluid levels play a very important role in maintaining a car’s performance as well as its exterior. The fluids are responsible for the engine efficiency and temperature, when not kept in check these factors can lead to heavy exterior damages especially to the car paint.

10.  Use reflective sun panels for the dashboard

The solar panels have a great effect on the car’s paint as they reduce the bleaching effect of sunlight to the interior and keep the car cool, and the cool interior ensures cool and saved exterior.

11.  Plating crystal

This option is considered to be eco-friendly but it costs heavily to the owner at the time of application. Although the protection lasts long the cost it comes for is too much for a middle-class car owner.

12.  Glazing

Glazing is known as the advanced version of waxing, although it doesn’t accompany your car’s exterior for a very long time. It is often recommended that you should use paint protection treatments if you are looking for long time protection for your car’s paint.

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