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Imagine going shopping for a winter trip. Warm, comfy, and trendy winter T-shirts? Check. Insulated and weather protective jacket? Check. Cool and funky winter boots? Check. Gloves? Any specification? Nah any gloves will do. Don’t worry, it is not just you. Most of us consider gloves as something that does not need much attention. Hand gloves are that item that is deeply underrated yet extremely important while you are picking your clothes for the winter season. Hands are that part of the body that gets exposed the most and hence it is necessary that we give utmost care while choosing them. The problem is most of us do not know how to choose the gloves are what are the variants. So, through this article, I would like you to show two major types of gloves, some of their features, and some trends to look forward to while choosing gloves in 2020.

What are the different types of gloves?

Hand gloves for winter, based on the fabric can be broadly classified into 2 – woolen gloves and waterproof gloves.

Woolen gloves are the ones whose primary focus is on keeping your hands warm. They are made from woolen material and the inherent property of wool wicks the moisture and hence keeping your hands dry. Most of the woolen gloves have the fleece insulation to make sure the body heat does not escape. Made from the wool of the animals, these natural biodegradable gloves provide breathing space without irritating the skin.  

While woolen gloves are extremely warm and cozy, at times you might need something more weather resistant especially if you are prone to be exposed to the wet weather. Snow, rain, and wind requires you to have waterproof gloves. Even though wool is good at moisture-wicking, you would want something that is water repellent at these times. Waterproof gloves do just that with their outer shell usually made of synthetic and hydrophobic fabric.

What are the different features to look out for while buying winter hand gloves?

So now that you know there are woolen and waterproof gloves, how do you choose one? Is that it or is there anything more to it? The answer is yes, there are a couple of other factors that can affect your choice of gloves. Some of the factors that I find relevant have been explained below.

Glove Fabric

The fabric used to manufacture the gloves has a lot of effect. Some of the major fabrics used to manufacture the gloves are wool, leather, cotton, synthetic leather, fleece, fur, synthetic fabric etc. There is an interdependency between the fabric used for the gloves and the occasion or the purpose for which the gloves are used. For example, Kosha uses merino wool qualities as it makes it an excellent fabric for gloves when you need a lightweight soft and warmth whereas leather is the choice to many in case of style and dexterity. But if you are into animal-friendly winter wear or eco-conscious clothing in India, you might need to check out the synthetic leather gloves like the one Kosha designs.  

 Weather resistance

Most of the time, when someone is immersed in a winter recreational activity, it is extremely important to have a weatherproof shell layer to the gloves. You need protection from wind, snow, or rain depending on the climate.

According to Huzefa Siamwala, founder of Blue Bolt Gear,

Winter handwear needs to provide a balance of warmth, dexterity, and weather protection.

Look for gloves that have a waterproof /windproof shell that prevents the gloves from getting soaked and stops the wind chill. A good shock cord gauntlet (wrist) keeps the snow from getting in the gloves through the big hole where your hands go.”


One of the most important factors that influence the selection of the gloves is the occasion for which you are buying it. If your intention is to just keep your hands warm, a woolen glove does more than the work. But if you are going for an official trip to Mumbai and might need to use your phone and other electronic items frequently, then you need a good touchscreen winter gloves. If you are planning to go for any winter recreational activities, then you need waterproof insulated skiing gloves.

“For cycling, it is important that the front of the fingers is protected from the cold. If you are traveling, you will hold bus handles/car handles, dexterity with respect to your activity should be evaluated”, states Jayesh Morvankar, Founder of ODATI Adventurers and veteran trekker.

In India, you can find high-quality technical gloves at Kosha that are made for winter recreational activities and sub-zero temperatures.


Another quality to look out for in winter hand gloves is the flexibility. Often you need to have a glove that can multitask if you are planning on using it as a daily wear. A flexible glove is the one that offers protection from weather but at the same time keep yourselves warm. It need not be extremely technical in a particular feature but a regular allrounder. It should not stop you from doing your regular work by either being too big or too light or too technical.


Coverage of the gloves decides how much of the hands should be covered or exposed to the cold. It all depends on the shape and size of the gloves. There are some gloves that stop at the wrist which are small gloves or mitten. They do not stop you from any activities but just provide an extra layer of warmth to your hands. But if you are into outdoor activities during winter or are in sub-zero temperature, you need to go for gloves with higher coverage that protects your hands and provides much more warmth and insulation.


Dexterity is the property of the gloves that let the one who is wearing it use their hands effectively without any restriction to the movements. If you are into rock climbing or cycling or skiing, you need high dexterity gloves that help you maneuver the tools efficiently without any hindrance.

How to layer yourself in winter using gloves?? - trends for 2020!!

Now that you have an idea about the various factors that contribute to choosing a glove, let us see what the trends in the winter gloves department are this winter 2020.

  Comfort over style

This winter, the style is more comfort-oriented than style. As there are some restrictions on international travel, especially business travel, the focus is more on comfortable wear that is smooth and soft on your skin rather than high street fashion apparel. Winter hand gloves for women can be comfortable low coverage gloves or mittens if you are not going out or being exposed to heavy cold weather and for men, it can be medium coverage gloves that are flexible.


Working from home, managing the household, helping the kids with online class, going out for grocery shopping, this year’s winter trend is multifunctional. You need to get a pair of hand gloves that help you last through the entire winter without having to change it on occasion. This needs to work if you are traveling as well. If you are traveling from Mumbai to Delhi, the winter wear from Mumbai needs to be comfortable in Delhi’s extreme cold as well.

Warm and cozy

Finally, the evergreen style – warm and cozy. The idea is to find something that keeps your hands warm and you feel at home. Go for a merino wool smooth and soft thermal and you are set for the winter.

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