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Remember that scene from DDLJ where Simran (Kajol) is running towards Raj (SRK) in the beautiful sunflower field draped in the early morning mist?? Yea I can hear the background music in my mind too(sigh). But then here comes the question. How does she go outside in the cold weather running all the way from her house to that field to meet Raj (sigh again) and not end up shivering?? Was she wearing layers? But if so, wouldn’t it be visible in the movie? Well, the answer is simple. She probably was wearing a thermal.

Rebecca Umm Crook @stickylittleleaves wearing Kosha's base layer in Ladakh

So, what is thermal?

According to the Cambridge dictionary, thermal wear a.k.a. the base layer is that piece of clothing worn under your other clothes, that is designed to keep you warm and dry. So, now you know why we couldn’t see the layers in the movie because Simran was probably donning a thermal beneath her white salwar. Thermal as the definition goes is worn under your regular clothes to keep us warm and dry. It is the first article of clothing in the winter layering system, so it is important to choose your thermals wisely. As it is the closest layer to your skin, it is often called winter innerwear or thermal underwear or body warmers.

So, what makes thermal different from the rest of the layers? While the rest of the layers are equally important, this is the layer that makes sure that your body is dry apart from keeping you warm. Even in winter, if you are busy with recreational activities, or like our Simran here, if you are running across the fields to meet your boyfriend (or girlfriend), you are bound to sweat. The layers you have worn keep you warm but if you do not have a good thermal, your layers get wet and sticky, and trust me you do not want to meet your Raj or Simran smelling like sweat and all itchy. Not to mention the fact that if your layers are wet you will feel colder and will start shivering not before long. Now, if you have a good thermal, it makes sure that its moisture-wicking property wicks off your sweat keeping you sweat-free and comfortable.

Okay then, now that you know thermals are awesome, when should you wear it?

If the temperature is anything below 15°C it is advisable to wear a thermal beneath your clothes, depending on your resistance to cold. The fabric of your thermals can vary according to the temperature. Anything between 10°C and 15°C can be managed using a cotton blend base layer. If the temperature drops between 5°C and 10°C, it is better to go for a woolen blend thermal. Wool has the property to keep you warm If the temperature drops anything below 5°C, a 100% woolen thermal is required. Merino wool thermals are extremely popular in this department. Made from the wool of the merino sheep, these thermals are not only extremely warm and comfortable, but also, they are soft and smooth.

Prasad Gadgil @zanyprasad wearing Kosha's Full Sleeves Thermal Base Layer while hiking in Ladakh

Even though thermals are super comfy and are an integral part of the winter clothing, there are certain restrictions in real life. So, imagine you wearing this warm, comfortable thermal beneath your regular cloth and going for a nice evening walk. The weather is amazing with the cold breeze tickling by. But your thermal is protecting you from the cold and keeping you warm, so that’s cool. But then you find this quaint cozy warm café nearby. You went in, got seated in a nice place with a wonderful view of the street life but that is when you start realizing that it is warm inside, or maybe a bit too warm(Oops!!). The café already had the temperature regulating mechanism and your thermal just added on to that. And now you are sweating. Even though your thermals are doing an excellent job of keeping you dry, nothing is helping you from keeping you hot. So you have two options now, you can either go to the restroom, try to take off the base layer, then when you are leaving the café can wear it back, or the second option is you can probably bid adieu to the café in the hopes of visiting again. 

What if there was a third option? Now, that’s when you need a temperature regulating thermals. Just like a good air conditioner, your thermals or base layers should be engineered to adjust to the external temperature without causing you much inconveniences. Or imagine a magic garment that can act both as a thermal and a T-shirt (told ya magic!). At Kosha, to make the clothes for the winter season as comfortable as possible, their technical experts have designed a unique blend of merino wool and bamboo to come up with a thermal that can be worn as a T-shirt too. If you are feeling warm, not to worry you can just take out the outer layer and wear the base layer alone like a T-shirt. These thermals also has temperature regulating mechanisms, and the most important part, unlike the usual dry colors we are used to seeing base layers in, they come in attractive colors(Yeay!!).

Neha and Arindam @breathtakingpostcards wearing Kosha's thermals in the outdoors in India

Here are 4 stylish winter looks that you can combine with your thermals: 

  • An impromptu road trip to the Mussoorie from Delhi

Mussoorie is a cozy little hill station located in the Dehradun district of Uttarakhand. The city is a favorite among the tourists to get away from the scorching summer. Just like all other road trips, it is the journey, not the destination that counts (even though Mussoorie counts). For the cool guys out there, if you are driving or calling shotgun for the front seat, make sure you guys are looking stylish as well as comfortable with a stylish thermal T-shirt that can regulate temperature and wick off the sweat. Pair it off with your track pants or joggers for a comfortable yet stylish look. You can accessorize yourself with a woolen beanie for when you pull down the windows.

  • An early winter cycling through the hairpins and ghat roads of Ooty

Surrounded by the majestic Nilgiris, this beautiful resort town has got a style of its own. Apart from visiting the colorful botanical garden and admiring the centuries-old plantations and churches, Ooty has got a lot to offer to the adventurers as well. Cycling is one of the popular activities here. During April-June, which is the best time to visit Ooty, the temperature can vary between 10°C and 20°C. For all the wonderful ladies, a bright colored thermal T-shirt combined with a muffler would act as a perfect attire for the cycling trip. You can pair it off with your favorite jeans to rock the winter chic look for your next Instagram post. 

  • A refreshing hike through the trails of the North East

North-Eastern states of India are one of the most under-appreciated travel destinations. They have got a lot to offer in terms of culture, food, destinations, and adventure. The best time to visit the states is just before or just after the monsoon. Let it be the flowerbed valley of Dzukuo Valley in Nagaland, David Scott Trail in Meghalaya, or the picture-perfect Sangti Valley, hiking is an immensely popular recreational activity among the tourists. The weather is pleasant in and around 20°C and can vary depending on the season. All the kind gents out there can don a full-sleeved winter T-shirt with your favorite jeans. Make sure you have your woolen cap to cover your ears and head from the chill wind as you hike up. A cozy woolen scarf would complete the look. 

  • A much-longed wildlife safari through the Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett is Asia’s first wildlife national park created to protect the majestic Bengal Tigers. Located in the Nainital district of Uttarakhand, this place is an exciting experience for all wildlife lovers. The temperature in the national park varies accordingly so it is important to have a temperature-regulating dress.  All the adventure craving girls can look stylish in a thermal t-shirt and add a weatherproof jacket to top it off. You can pair off with your favorite pair of trousers to pull off the look.

Now that you have learned about thermal, have fun exploring more layers.

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